Midea - 90cm Self-Cleaning Black Rangehood

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Introducing the Midea 90cm Self-cleaning Black Rangehood, a powerful and efficient addition to your kitchen.

With its iSmoke sensor, it swiftly detects and adapts to smoke changes, offering adjustable speeds from 1 to 8.

Experience the incredible 1800m3/h strong suction of the Turbo function, perfect for eliminating unpleasant odours, steam, and grease while stir-frying. The innovative 3D circum ventilation system, with its detachable convex condensation plate, optimizes smoke extraction efficiency by providing 360-degree air inlets and guiding smoke flow. 

Enjoy complete smoke removal with the duct-out type exhaust, ensuring cooking fumes are thoroughly expelled from your home, and keeping your kitchen air fresh and clean.

The 110℃ self-cleaning steam wash feature offers a convenient solution for maintaining the interior of the hood, ensuring its optimal performance and longevity.

With intuitive gesture control, pausing or restarting the hood is effortless, even when your hands are occupied. Thanks to the AI chip, the hood operates at a whisper-quiet 43dB(A) noise level on the first level of suction power, providing a calm and enjoyable cooking environment.

Illuminate your cooking space with the energy-efficient 1.5W LED lights, offering excellent visibility at your stove top while reducing energy consumption. The Midea 90cm Self-cleaning Black Rangehood features a sleek and modern design, with a tempered glass panel and stainless steel body, complementing any kitchen decor. The oil-visible oil cup and easily-clean designs make maintenance a breeze.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Midea 90cm Self-cleaning Black Rangehood, a reliable and stylish choice that combines exceptional performance, innovative features, and effortless cleaning. Invest in quality and enjoy a fresh and enjoyable cooking experience.


iSmoke Sensor: Backed by a highly-sensitive sensor, Midea Hood can quickly
respond to smoke changes and accordingly adapt between 1 and 8 speeds.
1800m3/h Strong Suction: Our Turbo function can provide 3-minute maximum
suction, perfectly suitable for stir frying, removing the most unpleasant odors, steam
and grease.
3D Circum Ventilation:The detachable convex condensation plate, leaves large air
inlets for 360-degree extraction and better guides smoke flow, optimizing its extraction
Complete Smoke Removal: The duct out type exhausts cooking fumes outside the
house thoroughly and keep your kitchen air fresh indeed.
110℃ Self-cleaning Steam Wash: A perfect solution for hood interior cleaning,
maintaining the appliance always with a decent performance and longer serving-you
Intuitive Gesture Control: A convenient alternative to pause or restart your hood,
when inconvenient to touch the screen.
43dB(A) Low Noise Backed by AI Chip: Equipped with a AI chip, it can keep a superb
43 dB(A) low noise at first level of suction power, ensuring a calm environment for
your more focused and enjoyable cooking experience.
1.5W Energy-efficient LED Light: LED lights (1.5w) are energy-saving and ensure
decent visibility at your stove-top.
Easily-clean Designs: Tempered Glass Panel, Stainless Steel Body, Oil-visible Oil

Diameter of air tube: φ190 mm
Noise Level: ≤ 69 dB(A)
Product Size (L x W x H) : 896 x 494 x 672mm
Packaging Size (L x W x H): 1005 x 700 x 625mm
Product Weight : 26 kg
Packaging Weight : 31 kg


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