Midea - 60cm Kitchen Appliance Package - Ceramic

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Your package includes:
• A spacious fan-forced oven with a 70-litre capacity allows you to handle any family meal. You can easily select the cooking function, temperature and timer by using the knob controls. No need for harsh chemicals as the oven is protected by the revolutionary easy clean enamel which requires only water to clean (see instruction manual).
• The ceramic cooktop gives you 4 burners in various sizes that give you flexibility with using your cookware. The hot hob indicator allows you to see which burner is in use and hot to touch. The tempered glass is easy to maintain.
• The slideout is easily operated by the 2-speed switch. You can set the slideout up to automatically turn on when you pull out the slider. Easily care for your filters by either using your dishwasher or warm soapy water to clean.
• All products come with a 3-year warranty.
• Welcome to the Midea Collection. You're joining a special group of people in over 200 countries worldwide who enjoy cooking with the Midea collection.


• 5 Function Fan Forced Oven
• Large Oven Capacity: 70L
• Telescopic Rail
• A-Class Energy Rating
• Triple Glazed Door
• Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel
• Cavity Cooling System
• Mechanical Control
• Fan Forced, Defrost, Fan Grilling, Radiant and Grilling Light Functions
• Total connect power: 2.2kW /10Amp
• 2 Trays and 2 full-size grill racks

Ceramic Cooktop
• 4 Zone In-built Ceran Cooker
• Schott Ceran Glass Ceramic Plate
• Overheating Protection
• 2 x 1800W zone
• 2 x 1200W zone
• 9 Power Levels

• Stainless Steel Face (40mm Height Panel)
• White Paint Body
• Slider Switch
• Three Speed
• 2 x Incandescent bulbs
• 2 x 3 layer Aluminum Grease Filters
• Air Flow: 250m3/h

An oven that has a capacity of 70 litres. The internal dimensions are 48 x 33.5 is more than sufficient to cater for a variety of baking trays.

5 levels of shelving. You will never be caught out again when cooking a variety of different dishes. You can cook multiple dishes at once plus you can place them in the oven a different times so that they all finish at the same time.

No more having to juggle the timing of the different dishes so they all arrive on the table hot and ready to eat. We have included 2 shelves for greater flexibility.

The special baking tray that is included with the oven is great for grilling your favourite fish or meat or for those grilled sandwiches.

Plus it is great for heating the party pies or sausage rolls to keep the hungry children at bay before dinner time.

You can set your oven to cook for a variety of different times as your oven timer will operate for up to 120 minutes.

At the end of your set cooking time, a bell will sound.

You can easily clean the inner glass of the oven door by easily undoing 2 screws, remove the glass, clean and replace.

Control the temperature of your cooking with one knob. You can vary the cooking temperature from between 50 degrees and 250 degrees.

Manage all your cooking from simply defrosting to a full-blown roast dinner with this range of temperatures.

The internal light illuminates all your cooking while the oven is being operated.

As an added bonus the oven door can be easily removed if you need to clean the top part of the oven. This way there is no build-up of grime or fats on the ceiling of your oven.

Fan-forced cooking - fan-forced cooking is a faster way to cook. The heat in the oven is evenly distributed around your dishes with a fan located at the rear of the oven.

Your dish will be cooked all round not just from the top or bottom as the heat is circulated evenly.

Resulting in less time cooking and more time to enjoy your favourite meals.

As an added safety feature we have included a safety fan that is located at the rear of the top of the oven.

This fan is used to cool the cupboard that the oven is in. This fan takes cool air from below the oven and circulates it across the top of the oven, keeping the outside of the oven cool.

The air is passed out the front of the oven.

This fan will operate shortly after the oven is started and will run until the oven has cooled after cooking.

Even after you finish cooking this fan will continue to run to cool the cupboards. It operates on a separate thermostat from the rest of the oven.

To obtain the best results when cooking a roast in an oven we suggest the following:
• Pre-heat the oven to the desired temperature before you put anything into the oven
• Put your cut of meat into a pot and cover with a lid.
• You cover the meat with the lid to contain the fats and to keep the meat moist. If the meat is cooked without the lid then it will dry out.
• Cook the meat for 1 -2 hours depending on the size and cut of meat. Suggested guidelines are included in the Oven Operational Manual.
• You can brown the top of the meat by using the grill function for a few minutes to round off the cooking.

4 cooking functions - take control of your cooking with the 4 cooking functions. You have the choice of fan-forced (great for roasts), grill with fan (great for grilling) plus a combination The oven gives you closed door grilling so that you can prepare your favourite meat or fish or even the family favourite grilled cheese sandwiches.

You have four cooking elements which range in size from 18.5 cm (2 of them), 22cm and 16cm. This will allow you to use all your saucepans.

Easily control your cooking heat with the four knobs located on the side.

A hot hob indicator light will operate when a cooking element is still hot even after you have finished cooking.

An easy and simple wipe each time you use it is all you need to do.

The cooktop will sit nice and flush with your benchtop and will be a nice touch to your kitchen by the way it looks and cooks.

Easily control your cooking heat with the four knobs located on the side.


The style of range hood that you select will depend on the style and layout of your kitchen.

Your selection will depend on whether you like the style of a nice canopy or if you required extra cupboard space so then a slide-out or concealed hood maybe your preference.

This hood is a slide-out.


Your rangehood is designed to remove the steam and odours from your cooking by gently sucking them up and moving them to another location.

The fan inside the hood acts similar to the fan in your bathroom by taking away the old air and having it replaced with clean fresh air.

The hood gently brings in clean fresh air across your cooking whilst drawing away the steam and odours. It gently removes these so that you can still enjoy the delicate aroma of your cooking.

By removing the steam you can easily check you cooking to see how your dishes are progressing without being covered with steam.

We recommend getting the most out of your hood that you start it prior to beginning your cooking or as you start at the low speed. Then as your cooking progresses then you can increase the speed if required.

This will give you a gentle and clean stream of air circulating over your cooking.
This hood has a maximum airflow of 380 m3/hr.

An airflow of 380 m3/hr will give you sufficient airflow for a kitchen up to 6.5 x 4 x 3 m and to handle cooking for a medium family cooking multiple dishes

The lighting is important so that you can see how your dishes or sauces are progressing and directly highlight your cooking.

The light is directed straight to your cooking so that you can easily check how each dish is progressing.

The lights are located at the back because this is generally where the bigger burners are and thus the bigger pots.

This is also further from the edge of the benchtop and so further away from you when you stand at the cooktop.

So no light will be hidden behind your head when you lean over to check your cooking.

The switches are located at the front or front side so that you can easily reach whilst you are cooking or near your cooktop.

This hood is designed for ducting.

Ducting removes the steam and smells from your cooking outside keeping your kitchen smelling clean and beautiful.

If you are ducting then it is recommended that charcoal filters are purchased to help with the removal of odours and steam of your foods.

The hood at its maximum speed will have a noise rating equivalent to a normal conversation. So you will still be able to keep up with the conversation happening in the kitchen whilst you are cooking.

The filters can easily be cleaned either with hot soapy water or with your dishwasher.

We recommend regular cleaning to ensure that the performance of your hood is kept at a premium.

The stainless steel hood can be easily maintained with a regular wipe down with Windex to keep the stainless steel shiny and looking its best.

Thus ensuring it is a premium fixture of your kitchen.


Oven Manual
Oven Specifications
Ceramic Cooktop Manual
Ceramic Cooktop Specifications
Slideout Manual
Slideout Specification


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