Midea 60cm Digital Fan-Forced Stainless Steel Oven 65DEE40106-BK

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Very spacious fan-forced oven with a 70-litre capacity allowing you to handle any sized family meal. 

Easy to operate with a digital timer allowing you to set your cooking times with sinkable knobs for temperature and functions. 

Revolutionary enamel interior ensures that any spills or mess is easily cleaned by just using water, no need for harsh chemicals

  • Large Oven Capacity: 70L
  • Telescopic Rail
  • A class energy rating
  • Triple glazed door
  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel
  • Cavity cooling system
  • Mechanical control with Digital timer
  • Fan forced, Defrost, Fan grilling, Radiant
  • Grilling and light
  • Total connect power: 3kW /14Amp
  • 2 Trays and 2 full-size grill racks
  • Dimension: 595 x 575 x 595MM 
  • 3-year warranty

A spacious fan-forced oven with a 70-litre capacity allows you to handle any family meal. Your digital timer means you can easily set your cooking times for starting and stopping plus you can just use it as your kitchen clock.

Your oven is protected by the revolutionary easy clean enamel which means no harsh chemicals are required for cleaning only water (see instruction manual)

You will enjoy the safety of the telescopic runners. No more will you have to balance your cooking with one hand whilst you are trying to turn your roasting vegetables. The telescopic runners will support your cooking leaving both your hands-free to attend to your cooking dishes.

All products come with a 3-year warranty.

Welcome to the Midea Collection. You're joining a special group of people in over 200 countries worldwide who enjoy cooking with the Midea collection.

An oven that has a capacity of 70 litres. The internal dimensions are 48 x 33.5 so this is more than sufficient to cater for a variety of baking trays.

5 levels of shelving. You will never be caught out again when cooking a variety of different dishes. You can cook multiple dishes at once plus you can place them in the oven at different times so that they all finish at the same time.

No more having to juggle the timing of the different dishes so they all arrive on the table hot and ready to eat. We have included 2 shelves for greater flexibility.

The special baking tray that is included with the oven is great for grilling your favourite fish or meat or for those grilled sandwiches. Plus it is great for heating the party pies or sausage rolls to keep the hungry children at bay before dinner time.

Control the temperature of your cooking with one knob. You can vary the cooking temperature from between 50 degrees and 250 degrees. Manage all your cooking from simply defrosting to a roast dinner with this range of temperatures.

The internal light illuminates all your cooking while the oven is being operated.

As an added bonus the oven door can be easily removed if you need to clean the top part of the oven. This way there is no build-up of grime or fats on the ceiling of your oven.

Fan-forced cooking - fan-forced cooking is a faster way to cook. The heat in the oven is evenly distributed around your dishes with a fan located at the rear of the oven. Your dish will be cooked all round not just from the top or bottom as the heat is circulated evenly. Resulting in less time cooking and more time to enjoy your favourite meals.

As an added safety feature we have included a safety fan that is located at the rear of the top of the oven. This fan is used to cool the cupboard that the oven is in. This fan takes cool air from below the oven and circulates it across the top of the oven, keeping the outside of the oven cool. The air is passed out the front of the oven. This fan will operate shortly after the oven is started and will run until the oven has cooled after cooking. Even after you finish cooking this fan will continue to run to cool the cupboards. It operates on a separate thermostat from the rest of the oven.


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