Midea 2 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop - BLGSW30

This two-burner gas cooktop is built to fit small spaces, and packed with features such as flame failure, cast iron trivets. 

You can use the cooktop as a stand-alone cooktop or as an addition to 4 burner cooktop. This allows you to easily expand your cooking options and to combine gas and electric cooktops.

Your gas cooktop is fitted with the enhanced flame failure safety feature. This means you can be secure in the knowledge that if the flame goes out the gas will automatically cut off. The cast iron trivets give you extra support for all your pots and pans. Your cooktop is suitable for either Natural or LPG gas.

All products come with a 3-year warranty.

Welcome to the Midea Collection. You're joining a special group of people in over 200 countries worldwide who enjoy cooking with the Midea collection.


The cooktop gives you 2 burners with great flexibility for any cooking requirement. The inclusion on the wok burner allows you to cook your favourite Asian dish or to use a larger pot or pan.

Use as an additional cooktop to your current cooktop or for a small kitchen area.

Flexible Cooking

  • The 2 burners allow you to use different size pots and pans
  • The cooktop is suitable for Natural or LPG gas. You simply change the injectors as required. 

Easy Cleaning

  • Cast Iron trivets are easy to remove when you need to wipe down the cooktop
  • Raised edges will keep any spillage within the cooking area. 

Easy Operation

  • Easy to light the burners with the electronic ignition
  • Simply turn the knobs to your desired cooking temperature. 




  • 2 Burners with one being a wok burner
  • Cast Iron trivet
  • Flame failure
  • Set up for Natural Gas but can easily be converted to LPG with conversion kit provided.
  • Dimensions 290mm x 500mm
  • Cut out 270mm x 480mm
Instruction Manual


    Instruction Manual




    You have two cooking elements with one being a wok burner.

    You have extra peace of mind as the cooktop is fitted with flame failure. This means if the gas flame goes out (ie gust of wind etc) then the gas will automatically cut off. 

    The cooktop is set up for cooking with Natural Gas but can easily be converted to LPG. A conversion kit comes standard with the cooktop


    An easy and simple wipe each time you use it is all you need to do.

    The cooktop will sit nice and flush with your benchtop and will be a nice touch to your kitchen by the way it looks and cooks.


    You control the ignition and flame by the knobs located at the front of the cooktop

    The cooktop is fitted with electronic ignition so all you have do is to turn the knob to the flame symbol to ignite the desired burner. 

    The cast iron trivets provide a solid support for all your pots and pans.


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