Mediterranean Pure Cotton Beach Towel

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Introducing Our Mediterranean-Inspired Super Soft Thin Towels - The Ultimate Home and Travel Companion!

Centuries-Old Craftsmanship: Embrace the tradition of Mediterranean towels, cherished for over 8 centuries.

Super Soft Comfort: Experience the unmatched softness that pampers your skin.

Multi-Purpose Wonder: Perfect for the beach, bath, picnics, swaddling, and pet care - a versatile addition.

Variety of Sizes and Colours: Choose from different sizes and colours to match your personality.

Ultra-Thin and Compact: Easy to carry in your car or backpack, taking up minimal space.

Traditional Woven Style: Crafted in the timeless woven style for added charm.

Healthy and Hygienic: Ideal for a range of uses, promoting cleanliness and comfort.

Elevate your lifestyle with our Super Soft Thin Towels - where tradition meets modern versatility!


Plenty of reasons brought the Lahammam brand to your doorstep.

As the World is raising the bar from old-fashioned towels, it is now your turn to make the change.

Our super soft, thin towels that have been around the Mediterranean for at least 8 centuries are finally here.

These thin towels are super soft, healthy and have multipurpose usages. Besides beaches and baths, they are great picnic companions to use as blankets, swaddles for your loved one and a great rag for under the pets.

Coming in different sizes and colours, there is always one that fits everyone's personality to show who you are.

Also, being so thin makes it very easy to carry around and keep it in the car or a backpack.


  • Traditional woven style
  • Ultra soft
  • Multi-purpose towel
  • Take up less space
  • Reversible: Yes

Although Peshtemal is fairly new to America, it has a rich cultural background.

Being around for centuries allowed different cultures to find other uses for this common household item.

Bathrooms, Hammams to camping are still essential in the Mediterranean.

In the past ten years, peshtemal is becoming more popular around the World. This is why we have been working hard to bring you the best available.

Better than Towel.

Its construction and unique material make it thin, quick to dry and Multipurpose and stand out from the traditional towel.

When dries quickly, it does not hold any humidity, creating an unwanted smell, a common problem with towels.

Unlike towels, very easy to carry around and keep everywhere as decoration. It's a must-have item wherever you are headed!


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