High Speed Power Blender & Food Processor

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Introducing our High-Speed Power Blender Food Processor - the ultimate kitchen appliance for effortless food processing and high-speed blending.

With fully automatic operation at the touch of a button, this blender is simple and easy to use. The low-noise motor, equipped with an independent noise reduction fan, reduces the sound source, ensuring a peaceful blending experience. The anti-overflow system also prevents spills and messes.

This blender is also designed for easy cleaning with a self-cleaning function that includes heat drying and sterilization. The high-speed blending function ensures no sediments in your food and drinks, making it perfect for nourishing and thick soups or fruit and vegetable juice.

With 10 minutes of rapid pulping, you can quickly create delicious and healthy meals for yourself and your family. The blender is also equipped with a special dry powder grinding cup, adding to its versatility in the kitchen.

The touch screen makes it easy to adjust the speed and other settings, while the high-speed motor can reach speeds of up to 43000rpm. With a capacity of 0.3~1.0L, this blender is perfect for both small and large batches.

Upgrade your kitchen with our High-Speed Power Blender Food Processor and enjoy effortless food processing and high-speed blending with ease!


Product Model: Y1
Motor Speed: 40,000 revolutions per minute
Control Method: touch button
Continuously Work: stirring < 6 minutes

Heating power 1200W
Blending≤6 min
Touch screen
Speed: 43000rpm
Capacity: 0.3~1.0L
Net weight: 11.3KG

Package dimension:
Package size(mm): 515*250*445

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
Not intended or designed for commercial use


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