Bad und Kuche Black Shower Divertor - BKM404-B

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A must-have when combining your bath and shower together.

Ensures a smoother transition by turning the handle.

It’s much more user friendly and is a stylish option for your bath and shower combination

Match with your tapware you choose to ensure the finish, look and functionality of your bathroom

These beautifully designed shower diverters offer easy flow and temperature control.

Stylish and durable

Black matte divertors are manufactured with an electroplated finish for durability and resistance to marks and scratches. 

Use mild soapy water to clean, do not use cleaners. Dry the divertor well so water stains are not left behind.

The black matte will contrast well with most neutral colour schemes. Great for the pivotal feature in your bathroom. 


A diverter is essentially a tap that directs water to flow through a shower or bath spout.

It’s often a push-pull button that when pressed in or pulled out, will divert water to the correct fixture.



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