Bad und Kuche - Black Double Bowl Granite Sink BKGS7745D-B


The solid material and prudent manufacturing process means that composite granite sinks are scratch and heat resistant and unbreakable

The colour is guaranteed not to fade over time, keeping your sink looking brand new for a lifetime.

One of the greatest advantages of composite granite over stainless steel is that they don’t leave watermarks, making them very easy to clean.

Due to their strong construction, the granite composite sinks can handle any heat from the cookware on their surfaces. 

Can be used in both the kitchen and laundry.

A composite granite sink is a specially engineered stone that uses a granite composite material consisting of 80% granite or quartz (the strongest component in granite).

The other 20% of the material is made from resin, commonly acrylic resin, which makes the final product much less porous than pure granite and increases its hardiness and longevity. 

Dimensions: 770 x 450 x 230


Dimensions: 770 x 450 x 230

Black Double Bowl Granite Sink with square corners for a modern look

Easy to clean and maintain

Suitable for all kitchens


Heat Resistant


Resistant to heat, scratching, and stains

Warranty: 15 years


2 - 6 Business Days



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