60cm Induction Cooktop - Midea MC-IT6516B2-A

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  • Reward yourself with Fast Cooking Times
  • Peace of mind knowing you are using the safest form of cooking
  • Dark black top gives your kitchen a stunning feature
  • Take full advantage of the different size burners to use a variety of pots
  • Consider the time and money you will save by reduced cooking times
  • Must have cooktop for the modern home and lifestyle
  • 2 years warranty backed by Midea International and 49 years of manufacturing experience



    Faster cooking, in fact as proved by choice magazine, induction cooking is four times faster then gas cooktops.

    You will find your cooking times are greatly reduced with the induction cooktop. This video shows you the difference in the cooking between induction and gas.

    They are safer in that the heat is applied inside the pan or saucepan not to the surface of the cooktop so once you remove your saucepan the induction cooktop will generally be cool to touch within seconds. There will still be some heat but nothing like a standard cooktop.

    You will reduce the worry of leaving the cooktop on even after you have removed the pot or saucepan as unless there is a connection between your saucepan and the cooktop then no heat will be created. This is good because we all at one point in time have left the cooktop on when we have become distracted in the house by the kids or television or telephone. It is also a blessing with elderly relations who may now and then forget to turn off the cooktop.

    You have 3 cooking elements. 


    An easy and simple wipe each time you use it is all you need to do.

    The cooktop will sit nice and flush with your bench top and will be a nice touch to your kitchen by the way it looks and cooks.

    Because of the way the induction cooktop works you don't have to worry about wiping up burnt water or sugar etc as they will not burn when they touch the cooktop surface. So all you will need to wipe is the liquid not the burnt food.


    The touch control panels are easy to operate just like your iPhone or other smartphone. Just place your finger on the + or - symbol to increase or decrease the heat as you require.

    A timer is also a feature of this cooktop which is especially handy if you have to simmer a sauce or similar for a set period of time. You can set the timer, the sauce will simmer for the set time and then the cooktop will turn off. You can do something else and just check even now and again to give the sauce a quick stir. Wonderful.

    You have  a child's lock that is standard on this cooktop. This requires you to hold a select button down for five seconds before the cooktop can be turned on. This button is in addition to the on off button

    There is a lot of noise about needing new or different saucepans to use induction cooktops. The simple and easy test is to take your fridge magnet and place it on the base of your current saucepans. If it sticks then wonderful news you can use those saucepans on the induction cooktop.

    The induction cooktop is incredibly safe. Due to the way the cooktop operates no heat is applied to the surface of the cooktop it all goes inside the saucepan or pan. Heat is only applied to the area as big as the base of your cooktop so energy is not wasted by heating an area larger than the size of your saucepan.

    The cooktop will only work when you place the correct saucepans on the selected heating area, once the saucepan is removed the cooktop stops heating so you will never be caught out with leaving your cooktop on and forgetting to turn it off.


    • 4 Cooking elements
    • Touch control operation
    • Timer
    • Child lock
    • On/Off button
    • Dimensions 590mm x 520mm
    • Cut-out 560mm x 490mm


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