25L Built In Black Microwave

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Introducing our 25L Built-In Black Microwave, a sleek and versatile appliance that brings convenience to your kitchen. With its powerful features and various cooking modes, this microwave is designed to meet all your cooking needs.

The 25L capacity provides ample space to accommodate a variety of dishes, allowing you to cook and reheat meals of different sizes with ease. The frameless black glass built-in design adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor, creating a seamless and integrated look.

Defrosting is made effortless with the defrost by weight and time feature. Simply input the weight or time, and the microwave will adjust the settings accordingly, ensuring efficient and accurate defrosting.

The stainless steel cavity not only enhances durability but also helps distribute heat evenly for consistent cooking results. Enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient cooking environment.

With touch controls, operating the microwave is intuitive and easy. You can adjust the settings, select cooking modes, and set the desired time and power levels with just a touch, providing convenience at your fingertips.

The microwave offers a microwave power of 900W, a grill power of 1100W, and a convection power of 2400W. This combination allows you to choose the desired cooking method based on your preferences and the type of dish you're preparing.

Choose from various cooking modes to suit your needs. Microwave cooking provides 100% microwave power, while grill cooking offers 100% grill power. Combi cooking combines microwave and grill power, and convection cooking combines microwave and grill power at different ratios for optimal results. The defrost mode operates at 33% microwave power to safely and efficiently thaw frozen food.

Upgrade your kitchen with our 25L Built-In Black Microwave, combining style, functionality, and versatility. Experience the convenience and efficiency this microwave brings to your cooking routine, making meal preparation a breeze.


25L capacity

Frameless black glass built-in design

Defrost by weight & time

Stainless steel cavity Touch controls

900W microwave power

1100W grill power

2400W convection power

Microwave cooking: 100% Microwave power Grill cooking: 0% Microwave + 100% Grill power Combi cooking: 55% Microwave + 45% Grill power Convection cooking: 34% Microwave + 66% Grill power Defrost mode: 33% Microwave power

Rated Voltage: 200-240V, 50Hz Rated Input Power (m/w): 1450W Rated Output Power (m/w): 900W

Rated Input Power (grill): 1000W REQUIREMENTS (Supplied with a 10 amp plug) Maximum Power: 1450W

(Supplied with a 10 amp plug) Maximum Power: 1450W

Child Lock function

Packaged (w, d, h mm): 655 × 516 × 583mm
Physical (w, d, h mm): 594 × 465 × 388mm

24 months warranty

Instruction Manual


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