Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I buy Online?

Yes. Our new website now allows you to purcahse products directly online and have them delivered straight to your door.

What about shipping charges?

We provide shipping Australia wide and shipping is charged based on the item size/weight.


Who is Gorenje?

Gorenje is one of the five largest household appliance manufacturers in Europe. They are based in Slovenia.


How long have they been around?

  • Gorenje was established in 1950 in a village of the same name in Slovenia.
  • In 2010 Gorenje celebrated 60 years of operation.
  • For the 2012 year Gorenje recorded sales of €1263.1.
  • Over the years they have expanded their operation to now include brands such as; Gorenje, Gorenje +, korting, Mora, Atag, Etna, Pelgrim, Asko, UPO
  •  They operate in over  40 countries worldwide

I’ve never heard of Gorenje?

Today is your lucky day. Due to the dedication of Fiori to bring the leading International brands to Australia then you probably would not of heard of the brand.

Fiori has been working in the industry for 18 years and has invested a  significant amount of time and money to bring the latest products to Australia.

In fact Gorenje used to be in Australia as Gorenje Pacific until they withdrew from the market to concentrate on their European operations. Due to the hard work of a number of dedicated individuals their wonderful products are now available in Australia once again. 

Have they received any awards?

Over the years Gorenje have received a number of awards. Here are some of the awards they have recently received since 2012:


  • 2  Plus X Awards in 2013 for the IQ induction cooktop
  • Five prestigious Red Dot Awards for 2013
  • January 2013 German Design Award for the Gorenje iChef+ oven
  • Consumer Choice awards in Australia for the Asko washing machine (2 machines finished 1st and 2nd)


Why Gorenje?

Gorenje provides the latest in design, style and technology in appliances. Their range of designer appliances is really only for those who desire the benefits of luxury.

We understand that Gorenje is not for everyone but suits those who look to add the WOW factor to their kitchen, the heart of their home.

 Who is Fiori?

Fiori is an independently owned  and operated family business. We have been operating since 1998.

 We have exclusively been supplying the renovation kitchen and building industry. Our customer base includes over 800 select clientele.

 We have built our business on bringing the best the world has to offer to the Australian market. It is our goal to bring the Australian public a range of products that the rest of the world enjoys.



What is the warranty that comes with Fiori taps?
Fiori Taps come with a 5 year warranty on the cartridge and 12 months warranty on the body of the tap. There are 3 taps that only have a 12 month warranty on the cartridge, these are the 6117/21 and 6025 & 12117. These taps do not have a ceramic disc cartridge. The 12117 is fitted with ceramic valves.

Can the spout on the flickmixers be turned 360 degrees?

What is the Wels rating?
The WELS rating is a Federal Government program designed to record the water efficiency of household water using products. 
The WELS label has two main features:

    a) a star rating of between 1-6 stars. With the more stars meaning the product is more water efficient

    b) a water consumption figure that provides an estimate of the water consumption per hour based upon the products testing.

All Fiori tapware is WELS approved.

What tap can be used for gravity fed operation? What is gravity fed? Can it be used for other installations?
The 6117/21 can be used for gravity fed operation. A gravity fed operation is where the household water tank is located in the roof of the house and water is gravity fed. The 6117/21 can also be used where mains pressure is utilised.


What is the grade of stainless steel used in Fiori sinks?
Fiori sinks are manufactured from 18/10 or 304 grade stainless steel. Depending on the sink the thickness will range from 0.7 to 0.8.

How should a customer care for their sink?
For everyday cleaning of the sink use Fiori stainless steel cleaner (available from Fiori) or a proprietary stainless steel cleaner available from most supermarkets. After each use, rinse the sink with warm water then wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Never use steel wool, Never use chemical silver cleaners, Never use bleaches or detergents containing chlorine.

Do not leave rusty objects in contact with the sink. Rust can cause staining and permanent damage to the sink surface. To avoid staining of the sink surface, do not leave foods with corrosive properties such as vinegar, mustard, juices, salt etc on the sink

What is laser cut edge?
A laser cut edge means that during the manufacturing process the edge of the sink has been cut with a laser. This means that sinks that have a laser cut edge will sit flush with the bench top and create a more smoother finish.

What is the size of the Basket wastes?
The basket waste is 90mm.

What are the width of the Fiori sinks?
The Fiori sinks can be either 500mm, 480mm, 435mm or 380mm wide.

Can the sinks be under mounted?
Yes all sinks can be under mounted even those with drainers. All the sinks come with a 10mm edge that can be used for under mounting purposes.
Fiori do supply sinks that are suitable for undermounting only:


What are the different type of bowls?
Bowls can be either inset (drop in) where they are placed from the top of the benchtop and secured to the benchtop by clips or they can be undermount where they are secured to under side of the benchtop with loctite or some similar adhesive.

What is the size of a tap hole and by-pass hole? What does a by-pass kit consist of? Where is it used?
A tap hole is 30mm and the by pass hole is 40mm. The by pass kit consists of plumbing fittings that connect to the waste drain. The by-pass kit is used in the laundry where the washing machine is connected directly to the drain and thus by-passing the laundry tub.


What is important when installing an oven?
Adequate ventilation must be allowed around the oven when it is installed. Fiori recommends that the ovens are installed on plinths to allow air to circulate underneath the oven. 
Fiori recommends having a ventilation cut out underneath the oven and 100mm above the oven again to allow air to circulate.

Explain the operation of the safety cooling fan.
The safety cooling fan is controlled by a 75 degree thermostat. The fan assists the movement of air throughout the oven cavity and cupboard areas keeping them cool. It draws air from around and underneath the oven and forces it out through the top of the oven near the control panel.
The cooling fan keeps the ovens electrical components and cupboard materials below high temperatures. The Fiori cooling fan is designed to operate to remove latent heat from the oven cavity after the oven has been turned off. The safety cooling fan will continue to operate after the oven has been turned off, in some instances it can run for approximately 45 minutes after the oven has been turned off. Some manufacturers install a cooling fan to only operate when the oven is switched on.
Some customers may think that there oven is faulty as a fan is still operating after they have finished cooking but with the Fiori safety cooling fan this is normal to allow for the cooling of the whole oven cavity and surrounds. A point of note here is that we are all used to hearing the refrigerator turn on and off to keep the fridge at the right temperature, then given the temperature that an oven operates at then it is very logical that the safety cooling fan would need to operate for a period of time after cooking to cool the oven cavity.

How does the steam clean enamel work?
The steam clean enamel is much less porous then other enamels and creates a surface that has glass-like characteristics. This feature combined with a new component that is non-stick creates a surface that is easy to clean.
In order to clean the oven the customer has to place ½ litre of water in the baking tray, select the clean or fan-forced function and turn the oven to 90 degrees for 30 minutes. After this turn the oven off, allow the oven to cool and then wipe the inside of the oven with a damp cloth to remove all the stains. A small amount of dishwashing liquid can be added to the cloth for further efficiency.

Do I need to run the oven in?
It is advisable to run the new oven for approximately one hour when it is installed. This allows for the oils used in the manufacturing process to be burnt off. The best way to do this is to operate the oven on each function for approximately 5 minutes when installed.

What is the benefit of the 3-tier glass in the ovens?
Some Fiori ovens are fitted with a 3 tier glass door. This is where there are essentially 3 pieces of glass in the door. There are two inner layers of glass that are removable and can be cleaned. The internal oven glass is made of a reflective glass which reflects heat back into the oven. 
The 3 tiers of glass results in a significant reduction in the outside door temperature.

Can I plug an oven into a normal power point?
Yes some ovens can be plugged into a normal powerpoint. Please check with your electrician prior to connection

Does the clock have to be set on the ovens before they can be operated?

What is Pyrolytic oven?
A pyrolytic oven is an oven that is heated to 500 degrees to clean the oven. At this temperature all the food residue and grease particles are incinerated and turn to ash. When the oven cools down then you still need to wipe the oven out. 
At these temperatures special heat resistors need to be fitted to the oven cavity.
Fiori believes the steam clean enamel is a more energy efficient way to clean your oven.

Can I use foil on the bottom of my oven?
No you should not use foil on the bottom of your oven to collect spills and food residue. The foil will reflect the heat from the bottom element back into the floor of the oven which could result in damaging the enamel and the floor of the oven cavity.
Any damage caused by this activity is not covered by warranty.

Are light globes covered under warranty?

Moisture in the oven!
Some times customers may say that moisture is forming in the oven door. Condensation occurs when warm air comes into contact with a cold surface. Generally this occurs with an oven if the operator has not warmed the oven up before starting to cook. Thus if the operator pre heats the oven then this problem should not occur.
Another factor to consider is if the operator has been using water to cook ie steam their food. 
Essentially the only way the moisture can occur is either that the operator has water in the food (ie frozen) or cooking with water or through the naturally occurring condensation.


What gas can be used for Fiori cooktops?

The gas cooktop comes set up for Natural gas operation. The cooktop can be easily converted for LPG operation. Each cooktop is equipped with a additional set of injectors with the operation manual. Either your plumber or gas fitter needs to change the injectors to operate on LPG.

What is meant by flame failure?
Flame failure is where if the flame goes out then the gas will automatically cut out. Flame failure is fitted to the 75cm and 90cm gas hobs.

Why is the bottom of my cooking items (ie saucepans) going black.
This is generally caused where the customer is using LPG but have not converted their cooktop to LPG operation. Generally they will have a yellow tip on their blue flame.
What is a ceramic cooktop?
A ceramic cooktop is a cooktop made of tempered glass with heating elements located underneath the glass.
The ceramic cooktop is a fast, energy-efficient cooktop that has a continuos surface that has few or no dirt traps.

What is an induction cooktop?
An induction cooktop is where an electro-magnetic field is created by the heating elements that heat the contents inside the saucepan. Induction cooktops are the most efficient form of cooking and the safest.
To cook on an induction cooktop you will need to use cookware that has a magnetic base. The easiest way to test this is to place a magnet on the base of your cookware. If the magnet sticks then you are fine, if the magnet doesn’t stick then you will need new cookware.

How do I care for my ceramic cooktop?
The best way to care for your ceramic cooktop is to remove spills and leftovers as quickly as possible. You can buy ceramic cooktop cleaning from your local supermarket.
Do not pull your saucepans across the cooktop as their may be particles on the bottom of your saucepan and it over time scratch your cooktop.

I have a solid electric cooktop and it is going brown around the hotplates.
This will generally occur when the operator leaves their hotplates on hign for a long period of time. As the cooktop is made from stainless steel and there are various metals in the stainless steel then it will start to go brown when heat is applied for a long period of time as these various metals burn. If you have stainless steel cookware or BBQ plates then you will notice how these start to go brown after a period of time due to the heat that is being directly applied to the surface. The same applies to the cooktop where the edge of the stainless steel is directly against the heating element. 

How does the timer work on the cooktops?
The timer on the touch control cooktops can be set to operate a heating element for a set period of time ie 10 minures to allow for easier cooking.

What is the child safety lock?
The child safety lock is a control mechanism on the touch control cooktops. In order to start the cooktop then you will need to hold your finger on the child safety lock for a period of 5 seconds. You will now be able to operate the cooktop.
If the cooktop is not used for a period of 30 seconds then the safety lock will switch on. 


Are light globes covered under warranty?


Where is the location of the outlet hole on the single motor slideout? What is the size of the hole? What is the size of the hole on the twin motor slideout?

The outlet hole for a S5216 is on the left hand side and is 100mm wide. On a twin motor the hole is 120mm and is located in the centre.

Can the Torino or Elislim be recirculated? If yes how?
The torino and elislim slideouts can be recirculated but only by the Kitchen Manufacturer using ducting to the take the air to the top of the bulkhead.

What is the size of the front panel on the slideouts?
They are 40mm or 80mm. The 80mm is used for recirculating units.

What is an E1416/19? How many motors? When fitted how does it look.
The E1416/19 is an inbuilt hood that has 1 motor. When they are fitted all that you can see is the Aluminium filters on the under side of the cupboard.
This hood does have a 4 speed motor.

What is the key feature of the S5416?
The S5416 is a slideout that can recirculate only.

What are the key dimensions of the rangehood ducting?
Round pipes – 125mm with reduction or increase collars available
Rectangular piping – 170mm.

What does Fiori recommend that customers buy if recirculating?

Charcoal filters

Can canopy hoods be recirculated? If yes How?
Yes, every hood comes with a T junction. If the hood needs to be recirculated then the T junction is secured above the motor and air is then pushed through the vents on the side of the flue.

How high above the cooktops should the rangehoods be?
600mm for electric
700mm for gas


What is meant by fully integrated dishwasher?
A fully integrated dishwasher is where the control panels are on the top of the door of the dishwasher and the Kitchen Manufacturer fits a door to the dishwasher that is exactly like all the other kitchen cupboard doors. Thus the dishwasher is fully integrated in the kitchen.