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Weighs food from 1g/0.1oz to 5kg/11lb, satisfying muilti needs.

Whether weighing a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of beef, it will show you the most accurate weight of things you put.

The high-quality Stainless Steel Wipe panel has excellent durability and waterproof, so any spill can be easily handled without threat to the scale.

Sleek stainless steel surface for anti-fingerprint and easy to clean.

Support both Solid and Liquid Measurement; It features multiple unit conversions – g / kg / lb / oz / ml plus a separate mode for weighing liquid or milk volume which can be easily switched with just a touch of a button.

Clear LED Display; Even in dark or glare, the large LED backlit display of this electric kitchen scale allows you clearly read the weights.

Scale will automatically shut down after 180 seconds of inactivity, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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