White Towels - Why It Is A Must Have For Your Bathroom

July 22, 2022

White Towels - Why It Is A Must Have For Your Bathroom

Bath towels are known to be huge bacteria traps, which can make you sick. This is the reason why you should be particular about the cleanliness of your towels at home.

In line with this, a common misconception people have about keeping white bath towels is they tend to be dirtier. Since they’re white, stains and dirt are more obvious on them.

Why Only Ever Have White Bath Towels

If you're constantly wondering how to get the smell out of towels, they probably aren't clean enough—and they're probably not drying enough between uses.

Figuring out how to wash towels properly is a great place to start, as is knowing how to pick good towels. But despite your best efforts, you still might find yourself contending with mildew and smells.

Proper towel maintenance is important—as is storing clean towels in the right spot—but another trick can keep your bath towels looking and smelling fresh for a long time.

You just bleach them every time you wash them, you add a little bleach, and they last forever. They never mildew. They always smell fresh.

Hotels have been putting it to work all over the world.

Think about it: Hotel towels are almost always white, likely for the same reason. They can be bleached, just a little, with every wash to stay fresh and clean looking for a very long time, without the unsightly bleach stains you'd get from doing the same thing with colour towels.

1. Know When To Wash

White towels may not be anyone's first pick. They certainly start to show signs of use and dirt more quickly than darker towels, though that might be a sign that you need to wash your towels more often. (One expert says towels should not be used more than three times between washings.)

But you might see that as a benefit: White towels can offer a visual cue when they need to be washed and bleached, and that's a real win-win.

While some might prefer coloured towels because stains aren’t so visible on them, this could also mask the dirtiness of towels. Because of this, you might neglect washing towels regularly.

Your towels could develop a musty or sour smell. The towel could also become a hotbed of germs of bacteria over time.

This won’t be a problem with towels since they require higher maintenance and regular washing. You won’t forget to wash your towels since they’ll show signs of use more easily.

2. They’re Easier to Clean

With a white towel, you don’t have to worry about colours fading after washing. You can wash white towels using bleach to remove stains with ease.

Aside from that, you can also use hot water to keep it clean without damaging the towel.

Hot water is crucial when washing towels because it kills bacteria more effectively. Therefore, it also sanitizes your great towels better.

This means your white towels won’t be smelly, which is a reason why plenty of hotels and spas use white towels consistently.

3. A White Towel Looks Stylish

White towels always give a luxurious look and feel.

Another perk to having white towels is that they look stylish without being too much. No matter what the design of your bathroom is, a white towel will look right at home.

Soft towels of higher quality look and feel great, too. At the end of the day, you can cover yourself in a luxurious white towel and imagine you’re at a spa.

4. They’re More Durable

White towels are typically more durable than coloured towels. White towels don’t fade, so you won’t need to replace them as often as you would with coloured towels.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about bleaching white towels to remove stains.

You also don’t have to keep them away from skincare products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which has bleaching properties that can stain coloured towels.

Cotton towels and washcloths that are of lower quality will weaken faster because of the stress put on them by machine washing and tumble drying. Your towel collection might lose its softness and the absorbency of its cotton.

Luxury bath towels may come at a premium, but you check why they’re more expensive. More often than not, the added price is due to better features, such as higher absorbency, a softer material, and durability.

How to Wash Your White Towels

To ensure your white bath and hand towels last long, you have to follow certain wash and care guidelines. On that note, here are several tips to guide you when washing white towels.

  • Don’t wait too long between washes. At the very least, you should be washing your towels and bath sheet every third use.
  • Don’t use too much detergent. It can damage your towel set and reduce its lifespan.
  • Avoid using fabric softener. Fabric softeners contain a waxy substance that can reduce your towels’ absorbent ability.
  • Although heat helps remove bacteria, don’t overdo it. High heat and exposure to it for too long in the dryer will damage your softest towels’ cotton fibres.
  • Try not to use white towels and other white bath linens to remove makeup. If it does end up happening, make sure you treat the stain before it goes in the wash, so it doesn’t set.
  • If you can’t use bleach with your towels based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, use baking soda or white vinegar instead. Your white will last longer this way.

We hope this guide has answered some questions you may have about white towels and why they’re the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Benefits of White Bath Towels

Crisp white towels are often associated with spas or upscale hotels. Many people fall on the white towel side of the towel colour controversy for simplicity. White towels offer a classic look with plenty of benefits, but they also have a few potential drawbacks to consider.

When considering white bath towels, ponder these benefits:

Versatility: White works in any bathroom setting, no matter what your current décor looks like. It's the classic neutral option that you can pair up with bold colours, other neutrals and anything in between.

Cost savings: Due to the versatility, investing in quality white bath towels can save you money. You can change your bathroom décor as many times as you want, and your white towels will always work. This eliminates the need to purchase new towels that go with your new décor.

Classic Look: Color fads change frequently, but white always remains in style. You don't have to worry about your white towels looking outdated because of the colour, since it's a timeless option.

Ease of Cleaning: Because white towels aren't susceptible to fading, you can bleach them as needed to remove stains and maintain that crisp white colour. When you stock all of your bathrooms with white towels, you can do one large towel load without sorting them out by different colours. Different colours of towels require separate loads to prevent bleeding and colour changes.

Restocking your Bathroom: If you have different colours of towels to coordinate with different bathrooms in your home, it takes a lot more work to sort and put away those towels. The sets often get separated in the wash, requiring more time to find a complete set when you go to restock your bathrooms. When you choose white for all bathrooms, you can easily create towel sets without trying to find matching colours.

Cleanliness: White towels carry a connotation with cleanliness. They're fresh, clean and crisp exactly what you want when you reach for a towel to dry yourself. Many people like this clean look in the bathroom.

Matching New Towels: Eventually, you may need to replenish your towel supply to replace damaged or worn-out towels, or you may decide you need more towels after your initial order. When you go with white towels, it's easy to buy extra towels that have the same crisp, white colour. Matching other colours when you need additional towels is often more challenging. Even if you purchase the same brand of towels, the dye colours may vary just enough to notice the difference.

Drawbacks of White Bath Towels

Stains: White towels show every little stain very prominently. One major source of staining on bath towels is makeup. When you don't fully wash your face, some remaining makeup may transfer to the towel as you dry your face. If you don't treat the stain before it sets, you might never get it out. Using the towels carefully, and addressing stains immediately, can help preserve the integrity of the towels.

Yellowing: Another issue that sometimes happens with white towels is yellowing. This makes the towels look old and unclean. Properly cleaning your white towels can help them maintain their pristine white colour.

Boring: Some people see white as a refreshing colour, while others see it as plain and boring. You might get sick of seeing the same white towels in every single bathroom in your home. When choosing towels, decide if white is exciting enough for you.

How Do Hotels Keep Towels So White?

Most hotels tend to stick to white standard towels to match their interior design. But the big question is, how do they keep them so white? Different hotels have different tricks to keep their towels from going grey. While some may focus on using special detergents, others invest in their washing machines.

According to one hotel management, they first treat all stains on the laundry. Then, they toss them in a big pot full of a mixture of baking soda, laundry detergent or soap, and cold water. The towels are then boiled for around half an hour, wrung out, and thrown into the laundry machine.

Some hotels prefer using new technology like keeping their clothes white. This mini washing machine emits high-frequency ultrasonic waves to break down stains, and dirt, and remove germs at a microscopic level. Coming to the best part, they are small and time-efficient. Sonic Soak


When it comes to detergents, practice the rule of less is more. If you use less detergent with your towels, it will be much easier to get rid of the soap from the fibres. Towels tend to build up soapy residues and, thus, get stiff over time and lose their absorbency.

Apart from this, it is better to use mild detergents with normal pH. Hard detergents can damage your expensive fibre, making them fall apart and lose its softness.

Fabric Softener

Even though you might be sold with the word softener, these chemicals are a no-go for your towels. They might make your luxury hand towels soft for a little time, but over time, they build up a layer of chemicals on top of the fibres. This greatly decreases the absorbency of your luxury hand towel.

Instead of using these harsh chemicals, opt for natural solutions like using vinegar to wash your towels. Not only will they make your towels fluffy, but they will remove all sorts of smells and stains from them.

Washing Regularly

Damp towels are a beacon for mildews and germs. Along with absorbing water, they take up odours, dead cells, and even soap from your body. Therefore, you need to be diligent when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Never wait for your towel to start smelling or going grey before you pop them in for a quick wash

Fortunately, they have realized the importance of hygiene and added colour-changing strips. These alert you whenever your towels need a wash. smart Mizu towels


There are two aspects that you need to be careful of while drying your towels. You cannot either under-dry or over-dry. The former aids germs and mildew in settling in the fibres while the latter damages the fibre. Thus, hotels take out the towels from the drier before they can dry completely and hang them on a drying line.

Baking Soda

Adding half a cup of this natural ingredient to your regular laundry can make a huge difference. Baking soda helps to soften up the fibres and remove stains easily. Along with this, it is quite helpful in removing musty odours from your towels. In this way, it helps to maintain the softness of your towels for a long time.

Washing Towels?

Hotels need to wash a massive number of towels regularly. Hence, they have to follow a strict regime to optimize the towel's quality along with being economical.

To begin with, these establishments flush their towels with water before adding any chemicals. Secondly, they make sure not to overfill or under-fill the laundry machine with towels. This allows you to clean the towels. Next, they only use warm water to wash their without affecting their fibres

It might seem unnecessary, but selecting the right laundry settings does affect the cleanliness of your towels. Thus, keep an eye out for the timing and strength of your wash. Apart from this, hotels only use mild detergents to protect the fibres of the towel and skip the fabric softeners to maintain absorbency.

To finish it off, towels are dried as soon as they are washed, and the laundry machines are washed regularly to maintain hygiene.

Now time to go and buy some nice white bath towels.


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