18 Cleaning Hacks So You Spend Less Time Cleaning

March 04, 2022

18 Cleaning Hacks So You Spend Less Time Cleaning

Use these tips and you will be able to keep your home sparkling clean and take back control over your free time.

vaccuum cleaner

1. 15 Minute Burst

One of the easiest ways to save time while cleaning is to do a little decluttering every day. 

Spending just 10 to 15 minutes a day to tidy up really can save you a lot of time and grief on big cleaning days. 

Have a designated location for everything; this can increase your productivity when you're cleaning.

2. Start from the top

And work your way down. 

Gravity affects everything, even household dust. Save the floors for last. 

Otherwise, you'll knock dust onto the floors and have to clean them twice.

3.  Clean as you go. 

This is a tried-and-true way to save time when cleaning, especially when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom. 

While cooking, be sure to wipe surfaces as you go and place prep utensils and bowls in the sink. 

Clean spills on your stovetop as they happen so you can prevent crusted-on stains. 

Similarly, be sure to wipe away any soap scum or toothpaste on your bathroom sink daily. 

Keep basic cleaning supplies in buckets throughout your home for easy access. It will help you build good habits.


4. Dust Before Vacuum Cleaning

Professionally-trained house cleaners carry out the cleaning job according to the custom-made cleaning checklist . 

They begin the process from the top of the property such as ceiling fans, vents and ducts, light fittings and fixtures, picture frames, walls, windows and make their way downwards such as furniture, carpets and floors.

There is a reason behind it. Instead of dusting anything, they have a proper strategy to give you high-quality service in less time.

When you dust, dirt particles and other debris fall to the floor. If you vacuum before you dust, you will need to do it all over again. This is nothing but a waste of time.

cleaning a cooktop


5. Spend Less Time Vacuuming

Prepare the room. 

One of the easiest ways to save time when vacuuming is having the room ready: Pick up loose items on the floor, and pull furniture away from the walls to make running the vacuum easier, with fewer starts and stops.

Perform regular maintenance. 

The majority of vacuums get tossed to the curb when the belt breaks or wears out. If your vacuum loses suction, it's likely because the rubber belt is stretched, which impedes the brush. 

For a few dollars and the help of a repair shop, you can often bring your vacuum back to life again for less than the cost of a new vacuum.

Invest in a couple of options. 

Having a small hand vacuum with a beater bar can be extremely helpful when vacuuming upholstery and carpeted stairs. 

Their handheld, manoeuvrable nature can save you countless minutes and help you avoid the hassle of using a larger vacuum. 

You should also consider purchasing a small vacuum to keep in or near a bathroom for quick floor cleaning.

Empty the debris bag or bin. Always start vacuuming with a clean debris bin or bag. This helps create more suction and prevents you from having to stop and dump debris in the middle of vacuuming.

6. Spend Less Time Dusting

Dust before you vacuum. 

As you dust, bits of dirt and dust will naturally fall to the floor. By dusting first and vacuuming second, you won't have to vacuum the same floor twice.

Move top down

Similarly, when dusting wall units or shelves, start at the top. Begin by first lifting and dusting each object, and then dust the entire shelf (including underneath and behind the objects.)

Use microfiber. 

For best results, use a damp, clean microfiber cloth. 

To dampen the cloth, hold the cloth by a corner and lightly mist it with clean water from a spray bottle. 

You want the cloth to be damp enough to pick up dust without leaving moisture streaks behind on surfaces. 

Using this method will ensure that your home's surfaces and furniture are cleaned in a safe way.

7. Keep your Cleaning Supplies in Apron

This is one of the smart tricks that will save you a lot of time. 

It is good to keep all of your necessary cleaning tools such as microfiber cloth, spray bottle, duster and other tools in your apron. 

You can wear a kitchen apron and carry all the necessary supplies to get the job done without running forth and back all the time.

8. Clean Windows with a Squeegee

Rather than using a newspaper or paper towel, use a specialised glass cleaning tool such as a squeegee to bring back the lost shine of your windows. 

It will give you streak-free results without even wasting your time and efforts.

Large window with a desk

9.Sanitise Your Dish Sponge in the Washing Machine

Dish sponges are magnets for grot and bacteria build-up.

Put your dish sponges in with a load of coloured washing on a 40 degree wash.

It's a great way to kill two birds with one stone – and enabling the reuse of dish sponges is also great for money saving and eco-friendly.


10. Use White Wine Vinegar to Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves are brilliant for saving time when cooking.

But when it comes to cleaning them it is hard to reach the corners in a confined space and to clean the ceiling of the oven. 

Just add a half / half solution of white wine vinegar / water to a microwave safe bowl, pop it in the microwave and set the microwave to cook for an initial five minutes – enough time for it to get really steamy.

Check the progress and repeat if necessary.

Then simply remove the bowl – be careful to use protection in case it is hot – and wipe down the steamy walls of the microwave.

Do make sure there is plenty of solution in the microwave before you switch it on.

If you want to go all fancy and love a kitchen gadget, you can buy a rather fun and lovely ‘ Angry Mama ‘ microwave steam cleaner. So named because it literally has steam coming out of its head! Order Here

11. Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hair

Pet hair!

The bane of pet owners' lives.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves, dampen them and then run your gloved hands over all the surfaces where pet hair lurks. 

12. Window Maintenance

Use a couple of microfibre clothes and go for prevention rather than cure. 

Wipe the windows down every couple of weeks as part of your quick cleaning routine, rather than waiting until they are truly dirty and a massive job.

Use microfibre cloths and have a cleaning cloth and a glass and polishing cloth.

Quickly wipe down the window from top to bottom – not round and round – with the cleaning cloth and then dry off with the polishing cloth.

It literally takes a couple of minutes. 

By not giving the windows a chance to get dirty they are super quick to clean

towels, lemon and other cleaning materials

13. Clean Your Shower Head Overnight With White Vinegar

You simply fill a sandwich bag with white wine vinegar and place your shower head in it.

Tie the bag on, making sure the whole of the area of the shower head you want clean is in the solution.

Leave the bag on overnight and in the morning you should have a nice, clean shower head.

14. Use A Lemon To Clean Your Cutting Board

It’s crucial to keep your wood cutting board clean and sanitary to prevent bacteria from becoming a problem. 

But not everyone wants to use harsh commercial cleaners, especially on surfaces used for food prep. 

But there’s an easy and all-natural way to keep your cutting board sanitary, and all you need is a lemon and some coarse salt. 

It’s a safe and fresh-smelling way to keep your cutting board free of bacteria.


15. Clean And Freshen Your Mattress

Thanks to nighttime sweating and dead skin cells, our mattresses can start to look and smell less-than-fresh over time. 

But there’s a really simple method you can use to clean and freshen up your mattress fast! 

The process involves sprinkling baking soda and essential oils onto your bare mattress to help draw out moisture and odour. 

Let it sit for a while, then vacuum up the powder for a cleaner, fresher mattress.

16. Reusable Swiffer Pads

Lightweight sweepers and dry mops can be really convenient and useful for keeping your floors clean, but buying all those disposable pads can feel like a waste of both resources and your money. 

For a cheaper and more sustainable alternative, replace those pads with a fuzzy chenille sock. 

The sock will trap dust and dirt just as effectively, and you can just toss it in the wash when you’re done!

17. Dust Your Blinds Quickly With Tongs

Dusting the blinds can be one of the least favourite chores simply because of how time-consuming it can be, 

Just wrap a couple of microfiber cloths around the ends of your kitchen tongs, secure them in place with rubber bands, and use your handy duster tool to dust both sides of each slat at once! 

You’ll have all your blinds dust-free in no time.

18. Clean The Inside Of Your Slow Cooker

Spills and splatters happen, even in your trusty crockpot, which can result in unsightly baked-on spills inside the base unit of your slow cooker. 

You don’t have to work up a sweat scrubbing those stains away when there’s a much easier way to clean them—just pour a splash of ammonia into your slow cooker, put the lid on, and walk away for a few hours. 

When you come back, those baked-on spills will be much easier to wipe clean!

These tips will save you time so you can spend more time enjoying your home and lifestyle. 

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