12 Handy Tips to Save you Time in the Kitchen

March 28, 2017

12 Handy Tips to Save you Time in the Kitchen

These 12 handy tips will save you a lot of time and headaches in the kitchen. Your kitchen is for enjoyment and spending time with family and friends.

12 handy tips to save you time in the kitchen

Go ahead and try these next time you are in the kitchen

Cooking Tips

Bowl Holder

Whipping up vinaigrette can make you wish you had three hands -- one to whisk, one to pour the oil, and one to hold the bowl steady. A damp kitchen towel can do the trick. Just twist the towel securely around the base of the bowl to keep it in place.

No-Stick Trick

For brownies and bar cookies that don't crumble or stick when you remove them from the pan, try this: Butter the baking dish, then place a sheet of parchment, also buttered, inside, allowing about 2 inches to extend beyond two opposite sides. Bake according to the recipe's instructions, and let cool. Pull up on the parchment to lift the dessert from the pan before cutting.

Slicing Bacon Strips

When a recipe calls for sliced or diced bacon, freeze the strips for easier cutting: This way, they won't slide under the knife.

Separating Yolks and Whites

Try this quick and clean method for separating yolks and whites. Gently crack an egg over a slotted spoon set atop a bowl. The white will flow through the openings, leaving the yolk intact and your hands mess-free.

Citrus Trick
To get every last drop from an overly firm lemon or lime, zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds. The heat will soften the fruit, releasing its liquid. Slice it in two. Using one hand, squeeze half (cut side against your palm) over a bowl. The seeds will collect in your hand as the juice flows into the dish.

Peeling Ginger
The next time you have a recipe that calls for fresh ginger, reach for a spoon. It removes the thin skin easily, even from the knotty areas. Hold the spoon, concave side facing you, and draw it toward you. Manoeuvre the spoon and ginger as necessary to get into all the crevices.

Non-Slip Cutting Board
To keep a cutting board from lurching or wobbling while you chop, set it on a piece of non-slip mesh -- the same rubber pad that's used to keep area rugs in place. Available from housewares stores, a rubber pad works under unsteady mixing bowls as well.

12 Handy Tips to save you time in the kitchen


Appliance Pads

Self-adhesive felt protectors -- like those used to prevent chair legs from scratching the floor -- have another handy application. Stick them under kitchen appliances, such as the toaster, coffeemaker, and electric can opener, which will then glide across the countertop for easy access.


Kitchen Helper

Don't leave that bench scraper in a drawer, waiting for your next baking project. In the same way that it efficiently removes bits of dough from a work surface, it can transport every last chopped vegetable from the cutting board to the prep bowl in one pass.



Grinder Care

Freshly ground seeds of cumin, coriander, and fennel don't just spice up your cooking, they also cling to the grinder. For a quick cleaning, run soft, fresh white bread through the grinder to pick up lingering spices and absorb the oil they leave behind.

Sieve Shield
Foods that sputter and spatter as they fry, such as bacon and soft-shell crabs, can be a hazard to the cook and anyone else within close range. If you don't have a spatter guard, a large sieve can stand in for protection -- just place it facedown over the food cooking in the pan. For safety, turn both handles toward the back of the stove, resting the sieve's handle on top of the pan's.

Opening Stubborn Jars
Try this trick for opening stubborn jar lids: Place one rubber band around the lid, and another around the jar. With one hand, grip the jar where the rubber band encircles it; use the other hand to twist off the lid. The rubber bands provide friction, so your hands won't slip off the jar or lid.

Let us know the handy tips you have that can save us all time.




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