The 5 Step System for Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

February 16, 2013

The 5 Step System for Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances


Choosing your new Kitchen Appliances is exciting. 

It is time to improve your kitchen and lifestyle with the latest in cooking appliances. You will benefit from more energy-efficient appliances that will save you in the long run.

We have been working with homeowners and families for over 20 years helping them choose their new appliances. By listening and learning we have been able to develop a 5 step system for people to use so that they can select the right appliances for them and their family.

The 5 Step Process for choosing your kitchen appliances

Today we are sharing that system with you.

Step 1 - Oven

It is best to start with the oven and then from this, you can logically move into other areas of your kitchen.

When considering your oven you need to think about the overall size such as do you want a 60cm or 90cm.

Do you prefer an inbuilt or freestanding Country Cooker? 

Your choice of oven will be determined by how often you plan to use the oven, how many people you will be cooking for and the space you have available in your kitchen.

After looking at the overall size then look at the internal size and can the oven fit your favourite baking dish. When looking at the internal size remember that it is recommended that you don't put anything on the floor of the oven for cooking so look at the size from the lowest shelf placement.

Then consider the functions as you can have ovens that have up to 10 or 11 cooking functions. Determine what is the best combination of these factors when choosing your oven.


Step 2: Cooktop

The next step is to consider cooktops.

Again the size 60cm or 90cm, size of pots you will use and how much bench space you have available for the cooktop.

Always check that the cooktop has room to cater for your biggest pot.

Determine if you want gas or electric. A feature on gas cooktops is flame failure which will cut the gas off if the flame goes out.

In terms of efficiency, induction is the most efficient, then standard electric and gas.

Selecting your kitchen appliances

Step 3: Rangehood

This selection includes either a slideout, fixed hood or canopy.

You must ensure that you have a range hood that is powerful enough to cater to the style of cooking you will mainly do.

How much cupboard space do you require?

If you choose a canopy then you will be giving up some cupboard space.

Another factor is the style, character and looks of your kitchen that you are wanting to achieve. There are some really nice decorative canopy hoods with glass that can really set off a kitchen.


Step 4: Sink

The main part to consider here is how much bench space do you have and how big your drainer is going to be with your sink.

The drainer is the part of the sink that is where you can place the items that you have washed or rinsed.

If you are going to have a dishwasher then this will influence your decision.

Do not underestimate how much bench space you will need. Remember that your bench space is where you will do your food preparation and storage.

Sinks are generally available with one or two bowls.

Kitchen appliances

Step 5: Tapware

Lucky last is the tap.

It is best to select a tap that suits the style and layout of your kitchen.

Remember when selecting the tap to consider the items you will be washing in that you will need them to fit under the tap BUT also you don't want to water to be splashing about when you are washing up.

W hope you found these tips helpful.

When you visit our showroom you can see all our products in a working environment so that you can make the best decision for your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Until next time take care. Talk soon.....


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