The 4 Storage Options For Your Kitchen

July 14, 2014

The 4 Storage Options For Your Kitchen

Kitchen storage is an important part of your modern kitchen design.

You always need storage for your containers, pots and pans, food, knives and forks. Sometimes you can have too much storage and then on other times you never have enough storage.

4 storage options for your kitchen

Like everything in life if you can get the right balance and combination of the different storage options then this will make your time in the kitchen a wonderful experience and not a frustrating one.

You always must plan your storage around your workflow or how you want to operate in your kitchen.

If you have been following our blog articles for a time you will notice that we always come back to making your kitchen and home match your lifestyle, not the other way around.

You know you and your family best, how often and where you will eat at home, school work, entertaining and other parts of life. It is important to style your kitchen to match these.

This will lead to less frustration and despair down the track.

Let’s examine a number of storage options:

  1. Cabinets

You can have cabinets both on the floor and upper cabinets, which are suspended or attached to the wall. Your cabinets will generally have either swinging or sliding doors. Today there are a number of different options you can have with wood, glass, painted or a combination.

You can buy your cabinets in 3 different ways:

a)      Stock – these are generally purchased in a flat pack and you install it.

b)      Semi-Custom – you order with the ability for some small changes

c)       Custom Made – here your cabinets are built from scratch


You can have the following cabinets:

a)      Base: these sit on the floor and are mainly around the wall

b)      Wall or Upper: Attached to the wall

c)       Tall: generally your pantry

d)      Island: in the middle of the kitchen


There are a variety of kitchen door options. Check out our previous article on Kitchen Door types.

Kitchen Cabinet styles

  1. Drawers

Kitchen drawers are where you store smaller items such as utensils, towels, small kitchen implements, pots and pans.

The beauty of drawers is that they can vary in size to cater for your cooking requirements. You can have small drawers for your utensils and large drawers to handle your pots and pans. There are a number of options to ensure you are not wasting space and having clutter with specially made inclusions such as cutlery trays, display racks.

When planning your drawers be certain to think about the amount of weight you will be placing on the drawer base and the runners. You don’t want to end up with warped drawers in the future. If you are having custom made drawers discuss this with your manufacturer.


  1. Pantry

You can have either a tall cabinet as a pantry or have a walk-in pantry. This will depend on the size of your kitchen. The pantry will be where you can store your dry food, crockery, storage containers.

If possible consider having an integrated refrigerator as this is essentially a pantry but for your cold and frozen products. You don’t need to have a big refrigerator that is fully exposed; a nice integrated refrigerator will add a nice touch to your kitchen.

Locate your pantry as close as possible to your food preparation area.

Consider how and where the door will open to. Maybe a sliding door is an option.

Look at racks that can move in and out so that you fully utilise the rear of your pantry.

 modern kitchen design

  1. Kitchen  Islands

Kitchen Islands can give you more bench space (you can never have too much bench space) and storage options.  They will also enhance the style and function of your kitchen.

You can have your kitchen island as a permanent structure or a mobile option.

If you decide to have an island then you can let your imagination determine if it should be a different colour to the rest of your kitchen, work is for the children, stand for your cookbooks, storage for your microwave, kettle, have multiple levels.

 Kitchen Island styles

Your storage options are can be wide and varied. Carefully think about how you plan to use your kitchen and then plan your storage accordingly. Remember it is your kitchen and your rules.


Take care and talk soon..

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