6 Ways to Create an Oriental Design in your Home

August 24, 2016

6 Ways to Create an Oriental Design in your Home

There is something distinct and special about an oriental design.

It has a mystic and special feel about it. It is like you have invited an ancient ideal into your home. Something unique from the Orient for your home.

If you are planning your home or kitchen renovation here are 5 ways you can add that special Oriental design to your home. Maybe not for the full house but for a special part of your home.

Creating an Oriental Dining Room

Why not create an oriental oasis in your home with your Dining Room. Having chairs or sitting on the ground will certainly give your family and friends a unique experience. 

Serene and Practical: 40 Asian-Style Dining Rooms by Decosit


Designing an Asian Dining Room

The inherent minimalism of Japanese design and timeless beauty of Chinese style and its unique flavor provide plenty of options for those looking eastward for some design inspiration. While the name ‘Asian style’ is far too broad, it often points to a style derived from the Far East, with ideas from Japan and China dominating the conversation. Read more..

Simple Kitchen Style

Why not an oriental styled kitchen. The Japanese have created very simple and minimal kitchens yet they have a sense of style and peacefulness. Not filled with clutter. 

Japanese-Inspired Kitchens Focused On Minimalism by Homedit

asian style kitchen

The kitchen has always been a utilitarian space where the design is focused on functionality rather than aspect and this caused kitchens to become simplified over the years, resulting in the contemporary minimalism. However, Japanese kitchens have always been simple so combining this influence with a contemporary décor is a great way to obtain a simple and practical look with a hint of Japan. Read more..


Elegant Bathroom

Why not change your bathroom to reflect the oriental influence. This does not mean a full renovation but some nice decorating tips to change your bathroom.

Elegant Japanese Bathroom Decorating by InspirationPAB


Asian style bathroom

Japanese bathroom decorating suggestions to produce pleasant relaxation. A bathtub is a key element of Japanese bathroom decorating in practical and elegant minimalist style. Japanese have enjoyed the benefits of a bath for centuries. Japanese individuals wash their physique outside a bathtub. Standard Japanese bathroom design and style has a sink and drain on 1 floor. A deep soaking tub with warm water for relaxation. The Japanese bath has a heater installed inside, to preserve the water warm for other household members or for the subsequent day or two. Read more

Home Office

Change your offcie to reflect the oriental style. Create a smart work space with a touch of elegance.

10 Creative Home Offices with an Asian Influence by Decosit

asian style office

The Asian style is largely defined by the use of natural materials, calming hues and innate simplicity. Ergonomics meet form beautifully in Asian-style home offices, and today we have 10 outstanding inspirations that showcase how to pull off the look while embracing modern aesthetics Read more..


Meditation Room

Create that room away from everything. Get away relax, meditate and prepare yourself for the day. You can do this both inside or outside your home.

A World of Zen: 25 Serenely Beautiful Meditation Rooms by Decoist

Asian style meditation room

The more tech-savvy and busy we get, the more we feel a need to get away from it all and spend some time in peace and tranquility. An escape to an exotic holiday destination does help in this regard, but you really cannot take a break every week! This is where the calming influence of meditation and yoga comes in. Much more than a fad and a growing trend globally, spending at least a few minutes each day meditating can improve your concentration, posture and mood, along with delivering a slew of other health benefits. But like everything else, a perfect meditative session needs an ideal meditation room or space. Read more..


Just Decorate

If you don't want to renovate or conduct a major upgrade then just decorate with a few nick knacks. 

Luxurious Home Decorating Suggestions by InspirationPAB

Asian style decorating

Stylish property decorating suggestions and inspiration from diverse sources. For these who are Asian-style, exotic woods and unique crafts Song Saa Private Iceland Resort Pictures wonderful inspiration for generating offer intimate and luxurious modern interior with exclusive Asian flair and charm. Read more

Personally we love the Oriental design. Decorating with oraments, table runners, candles can certainly give your home that mystic Oriental feel. 

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