5 Stylish Ways to Include Black in Your Home

August 23, 2016

5 Stylish Ways to Include Black in Your Home

What do you feel when you see the colour black?

Does it give you a sense of style and sophistication or do you think that because it is black then your home or kitchen will be morbid and dreary.

Like all colours it really depends on how you use and what you have around it. A lovely black dress is lovely but it really sparkles with the jewelry and accessiroeis that you dress it up with. 

The same goes for your home or kitchen when you are renovating or upgrading.

Renovating Your Kitchen to Include Black.

One of the things we notice with black kitchens is not the black cabinetry or stone benchtops but the other colours that are used in the kitchen. The green plants, bright flowers, lighting, appliances.

These splashes of colour seem to jump out at you and compliment the black. The black acts as a foundation to build upon in your kitchen to give it colour and energy.

There are many different views and ideas for Black Kitchens. Some of the viewpoints are;  

43 Dramatic Black Kitchens by OneKiDesign

Black Kitchen Renovation

Whats even better, is that you do not have design your kitchen in straight out black to make a strong visual impact. Since black is a neutral hue, it can be incorporated in so many ways, from all black to adding accents of white, brass, gold, even pink! Read More...

Kitchens in Dark Tones by Creative Residence

Black Kitchen Renovation

The black tones in the kitchen for someone will seem unusual and too dark. Because the kitchen have different function than the other areas in the home. If you want kitchen with black tones. Very important is to be properly aligned in space. Carefully to choose the tiles and the color of the wall. Kitchens in dark tones with elements from marble make fantastic combination. Read more..


25 Remarkable Kitchens with Dark Cabinets and Dark Granite by homestratosphere

Black Kitchen Renovation

25 Remarkable Kitchens with Dark Cabinets and Dark Granite and see some truly marvelous examples of this gorgeous kitchen combination. Read More...


Black Interiors

If not in the kitchen then black can easily be included throughout your living areas. This appears to be more acceptable for the majority of of homes

A Pair Of Dark Themed Homes With Sophisticated Accent Colors by home-designing.

Black Home Interiors

While everything seems to go with white, black and dark grey are a little trickier especially for those who crave a more subdued design. This post looks at two wonderfully luxurious homes that bring their moody and mysterious interiors to life with smart accent color choices – the colors themselves are subtle and muted but feel larger than life against their neutral backgrounds. Read more..

Creating Dark Walls

Why not use black for all your walls?

You can then build upon this with different colours for your furniture, windows and lighting. It will certainly create a presence in your home. 

This Small, Dark-Walled Studio Apartment is Proof that Rules are Made to Be Broken by Apartment Therapy

Apartment with Black Walls

When decorating a small space, the conventional wisdom is to use light colors to make the space seem as large as possible. But when your small space has high ceilings and great lighting, sometimes you can get away with breaking a few rules — and create a studio apartment with all the style of a much larger home. Read More

Black Exterior

Why not paint the whole exterior of your home black. 

20 Dramatic Home Exteriors Proving Black is the New Black by Freshhome

Homes with Black Exteriors

A black exterior is a striking choice for any home style. It’s authoritative, bold, and a bit haunting. It’s impossible not to make a statement with a black exterior. It amplifies modern architecture, making hard lines and angles even sharper. It also breathes new life to aged and dated homes, removing bland and murky hues for a timeless color choice. Read more..

A Splash of Black Outside

Why not have a splash outside in your garden or outdoor area. 

From simply having a black wall, to furniture, to garden furniture there are many different ways to include black in and around your home.

Here are 10 ways you can do this at your own home.



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