5 Reasons To Choose White with Your Next Renovation

July 29, 2016

5 Reasons To Choose White with Your Next Renovation

White is a classic. There is something special about the colour of white that draws us all in but then at times it can turn us away because it does seem sterile and cold.

Sometimes we are frightened to use white in our home and with our renovation because we are concerned that it will get dirty and we will be forever cleaning it.


Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal


5 Reasons to use white in your renovation


For us white is a classic colour. It gives you the ability to mix and match, to highlight, to differentiate and to add style and substance to your home.

It allows you to dress up or to dress down your kitchen or bathroom with a splash of colour. Set a boundary from one area to another and give you some distinction within your kitchen with the use of wood or coloured splashbacks.

From our experience on working with interior designers, kitchen manufacturers and builders over 15 years we have found 5 key characteristics about using white in your home or kitchen renovation.


  1. Contrast

White gives you the ability to contrast your kitchen cabinets, tiles or walls with a variety of contrasting materials and textures. You can contrast the white with wood, metal, nature, art.

The warmth and earthy feel of wood with counterbalance the stark quality of white, making your room feel warm and inviting.

White walls will open up sight lines and give you spaces that feel and look larger and inviting.


  1. Make Others Pop

White by its sheer nature will make other colours pop. White will allow you to enhance the effect of the colour whilst sill standing out by itself.

With white you can create a strong presence because it gives you a stark contrast against everything else.

White allows you to create the perfect backdrop for your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Here is a great article from Home Stratosphere that highlights 48 living rooms using white with an addition of colur in each room that sets them off. 


  1. Variety

I can’t tell you the number of times that people have said that they just want white.

There are a variety of white shades, and it is not always bright. White can include silvers, greys, golds or creams

You can have creamy and ivory tomes of white that can be mixed with brighter whites to create a warm and inviting space or add greys and neutrals to create a sense of coziness.

With your renovation make sure you use darker versions of white in functional spaces and pristine whites in safer areas.

Be careful when you design your kitchen or living room with one colour especially white in that you do not make it one dimensional.

Utilize different layers to create interest and separation. Give your room some substance.

Using distinct textural surfaces also gives you substance.


  1. Blank Canvas

Become an artist and use white as the blank canvas you use to create your dream kitchen or room. a splash her, a dab there, a smidgen here of colour on your canvas will add to the look and feel of your room. 

White gives you a fantastic blank slate to work from. It gives you a fresh foundation on which to build and create your favourite room.

White will serve you as a great backdrop that goes well with just about anything. This allows you to switch things up or down with ease.

This article from HomeDSGN shows you how an architect designed a white home and used different rooms to really add character with different paintings and furniture. They really used the blank canvas theme


  1. Timeless

White is timeless. It never goes out of style.

A white interior can make your home feel timeless, classic, fresh and contemporary.

It works in just about every setting

White is really an absence of colours and an accumulation of all colours.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation check out this article from Elle that showcases 30 kitchens that have used whiye as the foundation. 


No matter what the colour and design you choose you need to pay attention not only just to the overall design or big picture but to the details that will set your home or room apart. The right combination of texture, shade and fabric will add so much to your room or renovation.

With your kitchen renovation then the use of stainless steel appliances is a great way to offset your cabinetry. We have combined the most popular selection of appliances in special packages for you.

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