Australian Kitchen Trends 2015

July 09, 2015

Recently Houzz conducted a survey of over 2800 people to gain an insight to their ideas thoughts and plans for renovating their kitchen for 2015. This survey gives a good insight into the thinking and planning for Kitchen upgrades in Australia.

For us there were 3 key takeaways:

  1. 67% of respondents will spend $30,000 or less on their kitchen renovation. Not sure if this includes appliances.
  2. 46% of respondents plan to have open plan living.
  3. 76% of respondents have a kitchen 11 years or older that they plan to renovate.

These responses generally fall within the feedback we receive from our clientele.

For the questions that related to appliances and sinks there were 3 key takeaways:

  1. Increased trend to Gas cooktops especially in surburban areas. This was a little surprising becasue we have found mainly that country clients prefer gas cooktops due to the readily available supply of Natural Gas. Althoughwe have found an increasing trend for gas cooktops in the city areas.
  2. If a person chooses electric they will preferably choose induction. Whilst we have found a growing interest in induction it has not been that significant.
  3. People prefer double bowl or 1 + 3/4 bowl sinks which is how we find the market. The survey did not split between drop-in or undermount sinks.
We found it a little disappointing that integrated fridges did not receive a mention in the survey. We love the idea of integrated fridges and find these add such a lovely finish to a kitchen. 


For a full copy of the survey please click on the link below. 


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