16 Tips for Presenting Your Home for Sale

July 27, 2017

16 Tips for Presenting Your Home for Sale

When selling your home you want to do a much as you possibly can so that prospective buyers see your home in the best possible light.

Sell your home more quickly. Raise the value of your home. If you don’t do it then your neighbours will.

Here are 16 tips to help present your home in the best light 

1. Open the Windows

Let the light into your home.

Pull the blinds up. Clean the windows. Make them shiny and bright so that more light flows in.

Make your home look light and bright so that it is attractive to prospective buyers.

Pack away the curtains as they will darken and date the room.

2. Make the Bathroom White

Hotels use white items to reinforce the idea that the bathroom is clean.

White in the bathroom makes it look fresh and new.

If first class hotels do this then so should you.

This can simply mean putting out fresh white towels, a white soap dish and maybe a white bath mat. A white shower curtain.

Make it look fresh, clean and tidy.

3. Update Kitchen fixtures

Simple install a new light fixture in your kitchen

Change the handles of your cupboards and drawers to the newest look.

4. Light Up The House

Turn on every lamp and light to brighten your home. Show the prospects that you have nothing to hide.

Place floor lamps in dark corners. Consider a high-intensity floor lamp directed at the ceiling to make a room look bigger and brighter.

Turn on every light, make prospective buyers confident that you have nothing to hide.

You are showcasing a product for sale

5. Replace wall art with mirrors

Swap your wall art or family photos for a large mirror on one or two key walls.

Mirrors have the advantage of maximising light to make rooms look bigger and brighter.

If you have a nice backyard can you place a mirror on the wall across from the window that looks out onto the yard so your lovely garden will be reflected and visible from a number of angles in your room?

6. Roll Up Rugs

If you have a hardwood floor then show it off.

Roll up your rugs. A slightly stained or tattered rug is a big turn off.

Remove rugs from the kitchen because the room will feel cleaner and more spacious without them.

7. Change Lampshades

To make a room look more light, bright, clean and modern replace old lampshades.

Consider changing them with nice white coverings.

8. Set the Table

Set the table. If your dining table is a little old or the room is a little bleak then set the table.

Just dress up the table with simple modern place settings. So again white is best. Set up nice white plates, sleek stainless steel cutlery and stemless wine glasses on top of neutral place mats or table cloth.

If you want to add a little colour then some vibrant napkins are a nice touch.

9. Add a Metallic Accent

To make a room look more luxurious and contemporary add a metallic accessory. This can be simply a silver leather throw pillow, a bronze side table or garden stool or copper tray.

This will add a visual appeal to the room.

10. De-Personalize

You want your prospective buyers to see their family in the home, not your family. Remove highly personal items like pictures and religious icons.

Bring in things that are appealing such as fresh flowers.

11. Remove clutter.

Home buyers, especially younger ones, don’t like clutter.

People like clean open spaces. This is extremely important for those selling older homes.

The presence of clutter, especially personal items, makes buyers feel like they’re invading the seller’s space.

12. Neutralize

Paint colours should be more neutral, soft and flowing to appeal to everyone so that the house feels less expansive.

Let each room have a focal point such as the fireplace, the bed in the bedroom covered with a cream bedspread and red pillows so that it pops.

People prefer coffee coloured or another neutral colour, white is okay. With these colours, they won’t think they have to paint straight away.

Loud, bright colours can turn people off.

Go Green

13. Think Outside

By the time someone has entered your home they have already formed a positive or negative opinion based on their experience outside.

You do not want to create a negative impression for prospects when they arrive to inspect the home.

Cracked driveways, broken trees, unclear letter boxes, peeling paint can detract from the value of the house.

Your front door should have good lighting, a working doorbell, attractive landscaping and the absence of cobwebs

14. Smell Check

You need to be able to smell your home. Pet odours, dampness need to be cleared.

15. Walk Through

Walk through as though you are a buyer. Can you see the light switches, bump into furniture.

Walk a different way through your home. We are creatures of habit and you probably walk the same path through your home. Take a different path as you walk through to see the layout, where furniture is and if you bump into it.

16. Hidden Parts

Prospective buyers will open your cupboards, drawers and closets to check all the storage space is available.

Poor maintenance will be a turn-off.

Make sure everything is neat and tidy.


  • All beds are made
  • No dishes in the sink
  • No clothes on the floor
  • Remove any traces of pets such as dog toys or litter boxes
There are our 16 tips. Use this to present your home in the best possible light for your sale.

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