4 Vital Things You Should Know About Your Kitchen Design

July 02, 2014

4 Vital Things You Should Know About Your Kitchen Design

When designing your modern kitchen there are 4 Vital things you need to know and understand.

These 4 things are cooking, washing, preparation and storage. These generally are the four main activities that will occur in your kitchen, apart from laughing and talking. It is extremely important that you think about how these are handled in your current kitchen and what your future plans are for cooking, family, eating.

4 Vital Tips for your Kitchen Design

No matter the size of your kitchen these 4 areas are important.

Let's delve a little deeper into each area:

1. Cooking

You need to have flat, bare counter space very close to your cooking area, be it your oven or cooktop. This is for the placement of hot food. It is extremely important as you do not want to be carrying or handling hot food over a distance.

The closer and quicker you can place the hot food on a benchtop the better. To complement this you need space for your plates to be close to your hot pans and pots. This way you are not having to hold plates to serve or place food on them.

Also, don't place your pans or pots on the open oven door as this may lead to glass breakage or problems in the future with your oven doors. Oven doors are not designed or manufactured to be used as a serving dish. By doing this you may void the warranty of your appliances.

Do not forget your microwave oven. You will need to have this close to a bench because you have hot or warm food to be removed from your microwave oven.



2. Washing

The sink and the dishwasher need to be close, just like good friends.

One compliments the other. You can quickly and easily rinse your dishes in the sink and then place in the dishwasher. It will also help with any plumbing when you are designing your kitchen.

You do not want to have water and waste disposal pipes running all over your kitchen. Keep them close to help with your design and costs.

Place your waste disposal bins close to your sink so that you can easily clean up your food scraps.

The most important aspect of any kitchen is your bench space, you can never have too much.

Ensure you have sufficient space near your sink for your plates, pots, and pans for when you wash up, both before and after, and for when you empty your dishwasher.

3. Preparation

Whether you are a master chef or purely a toasted sandwich person then you need to have bench space to handle, prepare and combine all your food ingredients for your meals.

When you have to chop, cut, mix, blend, slice then you need the space.

Also, this area is generally near the sink so you can rinse your food and wash your hands as you continue with your food preparation.

You may consider allowing space for a stand to hold your cookbook or your iPad given the advancement in the internet and various applications.


4. Storing 

You always need storage for food, containers, cooking tools, serving dishes, pots, pans, small kitchen appliances, microwave ovens.

It is extremely beneficial if these can all be in close proximity to your preparation area. Remember your refrigerator/freezer are also storage areas and you will need to have bench space close by to ensure quick placement whether pulling out or putting in food.

Also consider storage for cookbooks, wine, food, small kitchen appliances.

There you have it. When designing your new modern kitchen if you have these always in your thoughts and mind then you can't go wrong with a lovely new kitchen.

Talk soon.....

Photo by iAlicante Mediterranean Homes on Unsplash

Photo by Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

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