The essential first step to any kitchen renovation

February 26, 2014

Everyone has a dream home and thus a dream kitchen. Therefore over 90% of people are considering a kitchen renovation.

This fantasy differs for each individual.

Certain home-focused and many general purpose magazines contain hundreds of pictures annually of the "ideal" home. Decorating magazines and design gurus tell and show you how to create the perfect kitchen for your home. Every month or two, various different types of magazines will devote page-after-page to the "perfect" home.

Among these many pictures, you will probably find your dream kitchen. You may cut out the pictures or download the image from the net. You have imbedded in your head, the ideal. Now, it is up to you to plan this dream kitchen and to make your kitchen renovation stress free.

Kitchen renovation ideas


The best way to start is to sit down with a pen or pencil and paper or at the computer. Once comfortable, you can take that first step toward remodeling. You set down your goals.

It is a wise person who sits down and takes stock of what they have before they change it. This applies to many things, including kitchen renovations. You should never start a job of any scale without ascertaining what is already there. Only when you understand what you have, should you compare it with what you need. Then, you can consider the room in terms of what you want.

For example, you may have too few storage spaces. You need more. You want a certain model that demands more room than you have. Ask yourself, "Is there a solution?"

What becomes crucial is for you to organize. You need to compile a list of what already exists. You have to see the kitchen for what it is. Remove the rose-colored glasses. You need to look at the existing kitchen from every angle. In doing so, you will see what you have to work with.

Look at the following:

The goal does not have to be a complex one. For many it is simple. Your goal could be:

  •  more counter space
  • more room to manoeuver
  • improved lighting
  • more receptacles
  • more storage space
  • an updated look
  • modern appliances
  • a new style

You may just be tired of the way the kitchen looks. Alternatively, you could have moved into this particular house with the very intention of changing the kitchen to reflect your lifestyle.

When you have identified your goal, you then need to consider what you plan to do. This is where fantasy and reality may collide.

While you may want to tear down the kitchen to its bare walls, you need to consider other inherent or pre-existing factors. As a result, before you can actually discuss the new kitchen plans, you need to look at the old or existing kitchen reality. You have to look at what you have before you can fully analyze how you can realize your goal.


 It is crucial for you to know what your goal is in renovating your kitchen. It will help you define what you need to do. It will also set you on the path toward the right decisions you will need to make to improve, alter, transform or simply update your kitchen.

The process will be long. It can be convoluted. You can simplify it right from the start by being clear in your methods and approach. Right now, you need to define two things: the reason for your make over - the Goal, and what you plan to do.

Storage Space

List the items you have to conceal things from sight.  Consider the different types of storage space you have.   Look at their location.

Are they convenient?

Are they accessible?

Do they reflect your lifestyle?

Are they sufficient?

Do they suit your decor?


What type of lighting do you have? Is it glaring or too dim?

Are there sufficient light sources in the kitchen?

Do they address the requirements of all the activities taking place?

Eating Area

Do you eat in the kitchen? Where do you eat?

Does dining  in the kitchen impede any other activity?

Counter Space or counter tops  

How much do you have?

Where is it?

Do you like the style or look? Is the surface practical?

Garbage/Recycling Bins

Is there space in your kitchen for the different types of garbage? Do you need to sort? If so is there room to do so?

Traffic Flow or Traffic Jam?

Is your kitchen space crowded?

Does the traffic flow into  your work space - the kitchen triangle?

Is there a gridlockat meal and/or snack times?

Do you feel nothing is getting done as efficiently or effectively as it could?


What type do you have? Are there enough? Where are they located?

Are they, practical and functional?

Are they  decorative?

You need to note any problems you see in the design, the materials, the layout and the style. You should consider all aspects and components of your kitchen.

You should look at their functionality. Do they fulfill their purpose? Do they do so without problems? Only after you consider the practical aspects should you consider their look or style.


When you go through your kitchen, you will note what you like. Consider retaining these features. You will also see what you want to change. As you list your kitchen's characteristics, both the positives and negatives will become obvious. It will quickly become apparent what works and what does not. Your next step is to consider the overall picture.

To do so, you need to ask yourself several questions.

Looking at your kitchen's assets, consider:

»    What is the function of the kitchen?

»    What is the current style of the kitchen?

»    What do you do there besides cook?

»    What type of cooking and other activities occur in the kitchen?

»    What is the position of the kitchen in your household?

After you have the answers to these questions, you can go on to list what you want from your fantasy kitchen. This combines both your goals with your desires and dreams.

This process will temper your fantasy kitchenand a successful kitchen renovation. It will add a touch of realism.

A little planning for your kitchen renovation will go along way. It is like booking your family holiday a little planning will go a long way to meeting everyones goals.

Have a great week.


Talk soon.....

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