What people find most challenging about a Kitchen Renovation

February 25, 2014

If you are looking for a challenge, why not plan a kitchen renovation.

It is one way to give yor home that new home feeling. It also gives you a chance to entirely, or moderately change the look or style of this special room in your home. In the  process you will easily accomplish two important goals:

1. You will increase the investment in your home

2. Improve your home to reflect modern life styles

kitchen renovation ideas

Today's kitchens are among the most versatile. Kitchens are no longer uni-purpose rooms. They exist for more than simply cooking and serving a meal. Today's kitchens are gathering places, meeting rooms. They are favourite hangouts, congregation areas for the family and their friends and guests. As the song goes "You can always find me in the kitchen at parties" or something like that. Sometimes a kitchen renovation can be a necessity not a want. 

Kitchens are where you and your family can cook and eat. It is also where your tribe can work and play. The kitchen is where the family often comes together. From here many parents and individuals organize their daily activities. The kitchen table, corner nook or counter top becomes the place where people sit with a cold or hot drink in hand. Leaning over one of the kitchen's may surfaces, pen in hand or ipad at the ready, they sit and pay their bills, plan a vacation or review a new recipe. The kitchen is also the scene of many a heart-to-heart talk over a cup or two of coffee.

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is also one of the first rooms many home buyers check out when they come to view a home. This is the so-called "hot ticket" among real estate agents. It is one of the several reasons why people decide to remodel their kitchen. It increases the speed and likelihood of the house being sold.

There are other reasons to remodel your home. They can vary from the fact the size of your family has changed to an upgrade is required to install a range of new energy and time saving appliances. Like computers and motor vehicles there have been great advancements made in the technology now installed in appliances. Not to mention the style, design and colour that is now available.

As your family changes by additions or size (ie from small children to teenagers) then the use of the kitchen changes. As a result more space may be required, more bench space, improved use of cabinets, flexibilty with cooking, styles of cooking ( ie it needs to be easier so everyone can cook safely) the people decide to start a kitchen renovation.

Another reason for change is food preparation. A number of studies have shown that one of the biggest issues in homes is cross contamination of food in kitchens leading to sickness and poor health in families. So families decide to renovate their kitchen so that they can have easier access to the refrigerator, cooktop, benches and not have food being ahndled a number of times and cross contamination occuring.

With the introduction of new technologies the a kitchen renovation can lead to a greener environment. The applainces today are manufactured to the highest standards and comply with the strictest energy ratings. This means a whole lot of benefits to the environment for all of us.

There is another popular reason why people renovate their kitchen. Theya re simply tired of how it looks. Deciding to renovate an eyesore  is agreat way to inexpensively increase your satisfaction with your home. You may want a new home but economic times or circumstances may force you to opt for remodeling or renovating.

Renovating a kitchen is a challenging job. The reason is simple. The kitchen is one  of the most complex rooms in the house. A complete renovation will involve a wide variety of tasks and thus a variety of trades people will be involved. There is cabinetry work, electrical work, plumbing work and there couyld even be tiling and glass work required.

This is because a kitchen is a complex entity containing all the elements from earth (wood) to fire (oven) to water (plumbing) to air (ventilation). In no other room is there such a complex intersection of the various systems that make living comfortable. Not to mention all this has to be combined and assessed with the traffic that goes through the kitchen with people going from one room to another, crossing paths, meeting etc it certainly is an important and complex room.

A kitchen renovation does not have to be a major headache or challenge. If you are clear on your goals, budgets, ideas and do some pre-plannign then it can be an exciting yet demanding process. Over the next few weeks we will go further into how to plan your kitchen renovation and steps you need to take.

Until next time take care and please leave a comment.

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