Stylish Ways to Include Black and White Designs in Your Home

November 29, 2016

Stylish Ways to Include Black and White Designs in Your Home

Black and white are such classical colours.

Whether in your living room, kitchen or bedroom then the following articles give you a wonderful feel of how these two colours can be stylishly combined.

The use of contrasting colours, not only between black and white but also with yellows, greens, blues can add that certain touch of style to any room. 

Three black and white interiors that ooze class  by Home-designing

Black and White Designs for your Home

Black and white interiors are an easy way to create contrast within a space. Linked to silver screen icons Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin, using black and white in your home or office can have the effect of old-world glamour – or a home lacking imagination.

These three spaces from across Europe, illustrate ways to spice up your interiors with black, white, and some subtle colours in between - and make it work. Using luxurious materials, surfaces and points of interest, each space shows how two colours can easily create class and simplicity. Learn more

Black and white sometimes creates a feeling of restriction and confinement. Some people feel that they are limited in how they can add some colour to their home. 

Black and white give you a good foundation to work from and thus you can use a number of different colours to add that special touch. Black and white come in a variety of tones that allows for a nice point of difference. 


35 Affordable Black and White Bedroom Ideas by Decorationy

Black and white designs for your home

Black & white bedrooms are not old-fashion it`s very trendy nowadays with the new inspiration ideas the designers use to make your black and white bedroom luxurious & stylish.

The Contrast of B&W bedroom is very attractive and will be eye-catching in your room, We will share with you the best combination of black and white in a modern bedroom design for more super-chic and stylish. When it comes to making the bedroom a luxury space you will need to use a beautiful colour palette. Learn more

Black and white are such classics. They give you such a solid foundation to work with in a room. In your bedroom, you can build upon them by adding a variety of colourful accessories to add that special touch to your room.


4 Monochrome, Minimalist Spaces Creating Black and White Magic by Home-Designing

Black and White designs for your home

Monochrome is a trend that is here to stay. Equal parts classic and classy, its edgy tones have won fans across all spaces of interior design. Similarly, minimalist interiors have enjoyed fervent favour over the last ten years. 

What do you get when you combine the two? Minimalist, monochromatic living spaces. These four homes put the magic into homes that offer very little colour. Whether dramatic and full of impact or more muted and every day, these spaces proffer fresh thinking in familiar territories. 

Are you thinking of designing your interior in black and white? Take a gander to inspire your home decor.  Learn more

When using black and white you do have to include other colours just to break it up, Without this, it becomes a little sterile and harsh and that is not what you are looking for in your home. 

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