Ideas to Design Your Home with Black and White

September 29, 2016

Ideas to Design Your Home with Black and White

Black and White are poles apart. They create a dramatic effect when combined.

Black is usually seen as a symbol of authority and power, and, occasionally, as a symbol of evil.

White is a sign of purity and brightness and of a natural innocence that combats its opponent.

The real benefit of these two shades is to combine them together to create a wonderful contrast in your home. 

When you combine black and white you can be clean, simple or complex. You can combine them in many different and exciting ways that don't seem to exist with any other combinations.

Both classical and dark, pure and stark such great contrasts. You have endless opportunities to combine the two colours.

Here is a collection of different ideas, ways and styles that you can use in your own home with black and white. 

35 Affordable Black and White Bedroom Ideas by Decorationary

Designing your home in black and white

Black & white bedrooms are not old-fashion it`s very trendy nowadays with the new inspiration ideas the designers use to make your black and white bedroom luxurious & stylish.

The Contrast of B&W bedroom is very attractive and will be eye-catching in your room, We will share with you the best combination of black and white in a modern bedroom design for more super-chic and stylish. Learn more...
The good thing about Black and White in the bedroom is that you can dress it up a little more. You can add red, gold or blue which will really add to your room. 

Three Black and White Interiors That Ooze Class by Home Designing

Designing your home with black and white

Black and white interiors are an easy way to create contrast within a space. Linked to silver screen icons Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin, using black and white in your home or office can have the effect of old-world glamour – or a home lacking imagination.

These three spaces from across Europe, illustrate ways to spice up your interiors with black, white, and some subtle colours in between - and make it work. Using luxurious materials, surfaces and points of interest, each space shows how two colours can easily create class and simplicity. Learn more...

From the kitchen to the living room there are many different ways to design and style your home in black and white.

In your kitchen, you can have black sinks and taps, black cabinets. Whilst in the living room black and white with furniture lets your imagination run wild. 

Black, White + Bold by Interiors by Studio m

Designing your home with black and white

The beautiful and timeless pairing of black & white make these rooms just as timeless as the colours themselves.

There is a bold and lasting impression that’s made through the arrangement of the decor that will help make each room enjoyable.

Contemporary and modern interiors combined with a black & white colour scheme throughout brings a sense of order and calmness.

Bring a touch of elegance to any room in your home with the inspiration seen with these

Learn more....

Are you bold enough to use black and white?

Create a living room, kitchen or bedroom with the beauty and class of black and white.

Enjoy the many ideas and styles you can use with black and white. 

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