6 Interior Design Styles You Must Explore

September 23, 2021

6 Interior Design Styles You Must Explore

The design of your home is a personal decision. Your design should be a reflection of your character. It is an opportunity to explore different styles and trends.

The good thing is that today there are many options to choose from. The amount of colours, accessories and ideas available today give you such a huge choice.

Sometimes it can be a little daunting and challenging. This may lead to most people playing it safe and going with some of the more well known styles. 

But today you have no limitations in choosing an interior design style that suits you and your home.

Here are 6 interior design styles you must explore as an alternative option for you and your home.

interior design styles

#1 French Country

Warm, earthy colours are indicative of a French Country design style, as are worn and ornamental wooden furnishing. 

The style has an overarching farmhouse inspiration.

French Country design may include soft and warm tones of red, yellow or gold and natural materials like stone and brick. 

French Country design can include collections of ornate porcelain dishes and heavy linens and bed coverings.

French Country is similar to transitional modern interior design styles. 

French Country is a hybridized mix of antique French, shabby chic, and farmhouse interior design elements full of cool, grown-up allure.

French country interior design

Photo by Bruce Clark from Pexels

#2 Bohemian

Bohemian is a popular style for home design and fashion. It reflects a carefree lifestyle with little rules, except to follow your heart's desire.

Bohemian homes may include vintage furniture and light fixtures, globally inspired textiles and rugs, displays of collections, and items found in widely varied sources including flea markets and during one's travels.

It's not uncommon to spot floor pillows and comfortable seating spaces when incorporating the bohemian style. This eclectic style can incorporate an ultra-glam chandelier paired with a well-worn rug and a mid-century chair. 

Within the Bohemian style, there's a laissez-faire attitude where anything goes as long as you love it.

Bohemian is one of the most timeless and endlessly popular interior design styles out there, bohemian décor represents a care and fuss-free freedom that's unquestionably heady and intoxicating. 

Boasting a globally inspired comfortable mix of exotic finds and vintage and antique furnishings sourced from passionate flea-market treks and travels, the eclectic style also touches on hints of everyday glamor via crystal extras, beaded fabrications, jewel tones, and overall relaxed mood.

If you're already blessed with a varied array of distinct furnishings and admire the idea of beautifully rendered juxtapositions, this may just be the perfect interior design style for your living room you need to consider.


#3 Rustic

Rustic design is drawn from natural inspiration, using raw and often unfinished elements including wood and stone.

Rustic design may incorporate accessories from the outdoors with warmth emulating from the design and architectural details that may include features like vaulted ceilings adorned with wood beams or reclaimed wood floors.

Many designs now integrate rustic design with more modern furnishings and accessories.

Rustic takes inspiration from the outdoors and a combination of farmhouse and industrial interior design styles, rustic décor places an emphasis on natural and weathered finishes, raw wood, stone, and leather, with unexpected touches and an overall sophisticated bent.

Your room can feature a varied mix of statement-making furnishings like the custom plush sherpa sofas, the industrial inspired wire pendants, and unique leather chairs. 

rustic interior design

#4 Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is vintage-inspired style, but compared to Bohemian and other styles, tends to be more feminine, soft and delicate.

Shabby chic furnishings are often either distressed or appear that way; paint tends to have antique-style finishes. 

The Shabby Chic colour palettes include white, cream and pastels. Light light fixtures and wall hangings may be ornate and continue the feminine vibe of shabby chic design.

Shabby Chic did gain massive popularity in the mid-80's and 90's as one of the top go-to interior design styles when looking to evoke laid back California cool. 

Shabby chic has roots in antique and vintage French design and furnishings with a decidedly comfortable take, and most importantly, boasts a timeless lived-in vintage-inspired appeal. Soft and slightly femme, shabby chic marries traditional style interior design elements with vague farmhouse touches .

Think a white overstuffed sofa, distressed painted wood, and ornate gilt touches like a gold French mirror.

#5 Hollywood Glam

    Also referred to as Hollywood Regency, Hollywood Glam is a design style that tends to be luxurious, over-the-top and opulent. It's a dramatic design style, perfect for a homeowner who enjoys making a statement.

    This design style can incorporate some features of Victorian design, including plush, velvet furnishings, tufting and antiques. 

    The colour palettes are particularly bold, think purples, reds and turquoise.

    shabby chic interior design

    #6 Eclectic 

    Think of eclectic as the decor style for those of us who can't really decide on a single theme and are drawn to different approaches. 

    Often mistaken for an anything-goes way of decorating, the eclectic style is actually a very purposeful and well-thought-out mode.

    This is a perfect choice for those who love to mix styles but desire a cohesive look rather than imagining eclectic as cluttered, consider it as a careful gathering of interesting elements that all work well together.

    Eclectic is similar to bohemian décor but with a decidedly grown-up allure, eclectic interior design is all about high-energy, spell binding finds and furnishings. 

    Think bold color palettes, textures, and patterns brought together to create a rich mix with utility and focal points in mind.

    Not to be mistaken for an anything goes spirit, eclectic design is all about consistency, go-to hues, and best of all, the freedom to explore creative directions with studied nuances.

    If you are looking for an interior design that may be a little different to the normal or standard designs then you should definitely explore these options. 

    If you don’t like something you can easily change it out for something else so why not give it a try? 

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