4 Ways to Improve your Bedroom this Spring

August 30, 2016

4 Ways to Improve your Bedroom this Spring

Spring is an ideal time to change and freshen up the different rooms in your home.

4 ways to improve your bedroom

The bedroom is such a good room to change over Spring.

After hiding underneath the covers all winter to escape the cold, Spring brings about more light and warmth. 

After all, Spring is the period of growth so let's take advantage of this time of year.

Here are 4 ways you can change your bedroom this Spring to rejuvenate your home. 

  1. Small Décor touches by The Interior Design advocate

Changing your bedroom does not need to include big changes, sometimes the little things can make such a huge difference.

4 ways to improve your bedroom

Why not change or improve your bedroom with some simple décor changes:

  1. Add flowers
  2. A photo
  3. A spiritual connection
  4. No electronics

These simple steps are easy but powerful because you are deliberately placing items near you that are at once meaningful AND beautiful. When you raise the aesthetic in a room, the people in that room feel and function better.

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2.Paint the Bedroom

A nice way to change your bedroom is to give it a new colour and feel by painting it.

4 ways to improve your bedroom

Remember though the bedroom is where you sleep and that the colours need to allow you to drift away into a relaxing sleep, not one where you are bombarded with a multitude of colours.

Here are 2 alternatives for you:

  1. Neutral colours – pick a neutral colour scheme that gives you a relaxing environment. by OneKidesign

Designing your bedroom oasis with a neutral color palette can be relaxing, timeless, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing on the eyes with its soft and soothing hues. With a color scheme that is extremely versatile, it makes it simple to pair fabrics and furnishings. The nice thing about designing with a neutral color palette is that it helps to make your space feel bright and airy, so if your space is small, lighter colors will help to create the illusion of space



  1. Colours – you may have a desire for something different and dazzling in the bedroom. Here are 40 different colours that will excite you for your bedroom by Homedit

Clean up, throw up and add a new coat of paint or two to breathe life back into your personal space. 

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  1. Lighting by Home Designing

By changing your lighting  you can give your bedroom a significant lift and sparkle or add the touch of romance and allure.

4 ways to improve your bedroom

Lighting can take all shape and forms today. You can have striking lights hanging from the ceiling and subtle mood lighting or special lighting that highlights different areas of your bedroom.

Lighting is art. Decorators balance a wide range of needs to achieve a practical and beautiful bedroom lighting arrangement, every factor touching multiple points. Consider placement – a decision influenced by lifestyle choices like whether the resident loves physical books or prefers videos from a bright screen

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  1. Personality by Home Designing

Don’t forget to add a little personality to your bedroom. Something that reflects you and your style and tastes.

4 ways to improve your bedroom

It could be a print or work of art, a special chair, special curtains or shades, a design piece. After all it is your home and bedroom and it is nice to showcase your personality within the bedroom.

Here are 8 bedrooms that showcase that personality of all the owners in their own special way.

Many people prefer to play it safe with decoration in the living room or other public-facing areas, often just to make sure the theme is appealing to a variety of guests with unique tastes and preferences. But private bedrooms are a little different – each one is a sanctuary, a place to relax and dream. Bedrooms are one of the few places a guest doesn't necessarily expect to see during a tour, so residents can feel free to experiment with bolder and more creative bedroom styles. They're the perfect canvas for personal expression, where obscure motifs look right at home


Why not change your bedroom this Spring. It will give your home a lift but more importantly, it will give you a lift. 

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