3 Different Styles to Change Your Living Room

October 11, 2016

3 Different Styles to Change Your Living Room

We spend so much time in the living room that sometimes we get blind to how it looks.

After a hectic day you just want to sit down and relax and chill out.

Now is the time to have a look at your living room and think about giving it a lift.

The change in your living room can be from a full makeover or just the clever use of cushions.

I love just using different cushions to change a living room to reflect the season, festivity or my mood and feelings. Ther are easy to arrange and then change when something else takes your fancy.

Here are 3 different ways you can change your living room to suit your style, mood and desire. 

35 Super stylish and inspiring neutral living room designs by Onekindesign

Designing Your Living Room

Treasured for its timeless livability, neutral wears well with everything, which is why a neutral living room design scheme can be extremely appealing. From linen to taupe, dove gray to charcoal, neutral-clad living rooms are welcoming, warm, and truly classic. Browse our collection of photos we gathered for you of neutral living rooms for inspiring ways to blend style and sophistication in your home, as well as some great tips for designing your neutral scheme. Whether your style is modern, transitional, or classic, a neutral backdrop enables the perfect setup for upbeat colours and playful patterns without overwhelming the space. Learn more

 I like the use of neutral colours because you can add a different feel to your living room with cushions, rugs and throws.

8 Chic Living Rooms With Dazzling Accent Pillows by Interior Design

Designing your living room

Decorating the living room is usually a complicated process that requires following a lot of rules and to be careful with every piece of furniture. However, with one thing we are sure that you cannot go wrong and it allows you to be free as you wish and that is decorative accent pillows, we love them! Decorative pillows may seem small and not important but the truth is they have an immensely big role in creating a visual effect and making a modern statement in the living room. Plain, colourful, ethnic, printed, floral, round or square add as much pillows as possible. Pillows scream cosiness and style at the same style and you can not go wrong with pillows. Learn more

 Don't you love the different cushions and pillows? Great colours and mixtures to give you great ideas for every season or mood.


The use of so many colours gives you some great ideas.

As you can see changing your living room can you give you an exciting and wonderful room to enjoy. 


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