5 Tips When Designing Your Bedroom

September 15, 2014

5 Tips When Designing Your Bedroom

Your Bedroom is your place of sanctuary, where you can get away from the world, where you relax and hopefully enjoy a good nights sleep. All our bedrooms are unique and special and our own little retreat.

Although all our bedrooms reflect our own individual tastes and desires there are still some core parts of each bedroom.

Here are our 5 tips that you need to apply when designing your bedroom or your children's bedroom.


1. The Bed

The first thing to consider in designing a bedroom is the bed. What size bed do you have or want, how do you and your partner sleep, how do your children sleep?

The bed will become the main focus of your bedroom and will take centre of attention. This is where you will spend the majority of time when you are in your bedroom.

Some general design tips are to not have the bed as being the first thing seen when you open your bedroom door, purely from a privacy point of view.

You also may consider that you don't want to see the bathroom when lying in bed.


2. Storage

How and where will you store your clothes and accessories?

Do you have a stand-alone wardrobe or built-ins?

Maybe you will hang some items for easy access.

You can consider storage underneath the bed with specially designed drawers.

What drawers and bedside tables will you have, if you have any, to store items in.

Because your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation you will want it to be mainly clear and free of clutter so that you can be relaxed when you are in your bedroom.

 5 Tips When Designing Your Bedroom

3. Colour

Colour is always a personal item. Different colours can influence different moods in different people.

If you have a small bedroom you may want to consider neutral colours such as white, cream, pale yellow, pale blue or other similar colours so that you create the illusion of space.

The use of mirrors can further create an illusion of space.


4. Lighting

Will you have one main light or will you have bedside lights or other lights to create a special ambiance in your bedroom?

Do you read in bed and if so you will need good lighting to protect your eyes.

Consider the location of your windows and how that will affect your lighting.

One thing to consider is what happens to the lighting in your bedroom with sunlight. there is nothing more frustrating to be greeted early in the morning by sunlight that disturbs a peaceful and deep sleep.

Remember to consider in which direction your house is pointing and the impact the sunrise and sunset has on your living requirements.

5 Tips When Designing Your Bedroom

5. Accessories

Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and getaway. When thinking of accessorizing your bedroom with chairs, pillows, rugs you do not want to go overboard. The sense of space is great to help relax the mind.

Your bedroom is special so you do want those personal touches that highlight your special requirements.

There are our 5 tips that hopefully will help you get your thoughts and ideas organized.

Have a great week.

Talk soon....


Photo by Quin Stevenson on Unsplash

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

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