5 Easy Ways To Organise a Small Living Area

September 09, 2014

5 Easy Ways To Organise a Small Living Area

Organising a living area can be difficult at the best of times but if space is limited then sometimes it can become very overwhelming, frustrating and too hard.

You end up just giving up and doing something else BUT the problem doesn't go away. You still have limited space.

The whole idea should be to create a sense of space around the floor and living area whilst keeping your items close.


Here are 5 tips that we have discovered over time that will help you organize your space and give you some time back.

1. Go Vertical

You will find that if you can move comfortably around and have clear floor space then you will feel a sense of space around you. The only way to do this is to go vertical and if possible go to the ceiling.

You can use just shelves or cupboards to go vertical. It is a good idea to cover your hangings so once again you get a sense of space around you and you don't see everything hanging.

2. Multipurpose

Where possible you should multipurpose with your tables, they can be used for both dining and work.

Multipurpose your walls and hang things like photos.

3. Hang Things

Have wall hung lights instead of table lamps.

Use hooks instead of bars, hang your pots and pans.

Wherever possible use the walls to take things away from the floor space

4. Round Tables

Where possible use round tables for your coffee table and dining table. They will take up less room and again give you a sense of space. They will seem easier to walk around in your living area.

5. Folding Tables

Think about folding tables. These can be either tables that can be extended when required, tables that you use when required and then fold away when not required or even tables that are attached to the wall and fold down when required and then fold up out of the way.

You can use folding tables instead of ottomans or end tables.


There are our 5 best and easy ways to create a sense of space in a small living area.

If you have any tips or ideas then leave a comment and share with everyone.

Until next time take care.

talk soon...

Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash


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