11 Keys To Styling A Studio Apartment

July 21, 2022

11 Keys To Styling A Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is an all-encompassing apartment in which the living room, kitchen area, dining area, and sleeping area are in a single large room, with no walls, doors, or other features to distinguish one distinct space from another.

In a studio floor plan, the only separate room will be the bathroom. 

A studio apartment’s defining characteristics are a single-room floor plan and small square footage, but just because your studio apartment is a single room doesn't mean you can't be creative with your styling and design.

studio apartment

#1 Start With the Essentials

The best way to start designing your new studio apartment is by paring down any items you don't need.

Start from scratch with a fresh, clean space that won't be bogged down by clutter—and simplify your life in the process.

Cut down your wardrobe, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, and even old décor that doesn't suit your style anymore.

#2 Create Continuity

Have a sense of continuity in your apartment to give a sense of moving from one room to another

Paint your entrance, kitchen, and bedroom in complementary colours, creating a visual progression of space. 

Have a sole pop of colour in the living space and keep everything else neutral

If your space is mostly bright white, aim for a relatively toned-down version of your favourite hue when choosing accent colours. For example, steer clear of vibrant shades like lime green and hot pink that can make the room feel smaller.

Limit Your Color Scheme

In seriously cramped living quarters, you have to get creative when it comes to design ideas. 

If you have the colour scheme unified and simple, the bedroom and living area has a clean and spacious feel.

 #3 Separate Each Space

Ideally, you want to create separate zones in your small studio, one for living/dining and a separate zone for sleeping to give the illusion of a 1 bedroom apartment.

There are many ways in which you can divide the space in your studio apartment.

From dividing bookshelves to loft beds or getting creative with colour and textiles. 

A bookcase behind the bed and you have created a separate bedroom area

A creative glass wall separates the bedroom area from the main dining and living spaces, but it still allows natural light to permeate through.

Use Rugs

You can use rugs to create separate zones. Usually, they are used in the sitting area of a studio. Not only are they great for dividing purposes but they also bring warmth and texture to a space.

Colourful rugs not only bring a vibrant look to a studio apartment but also divide the space into a living and bedroom area.

A rug can help define a sitting area, plus bring colour to a neutral studio.

Simply use a rug to section off your sleep space from your general living area. A soft shag rug helps create a bedroom nook within this studio, separating it from the larger work and dining space. And as a bonus, we bet it feels super soft underfoot first thing in the morning

Not only do rugs help in dividing a studio, but artwork will as well. By placing artwork above your sofa and keeping the bedroom area free of wall art you create different zones.

Use Movable Screens

Screens are ideal in a studio apartment because they are so flexible. You can move it to any area you want to block from view plus you can also use it to hang clothes or other items

The advantage of screens is that you can pull them out as much if you want.

You can hide any mess if required and then if you want your studio to be one open space just pull the screen close and put it away.

Try a Room Divider

Using a divider to section off your bed will ensure you aren't distracted by reminders of your daytime life as you drift off to sleep.

studio apartment with plants

#4 Blend the bed

If your bed is going to be on show from the front door, make sure that it's neat and tidy to avoid your guests feeling like they've stepped directly into a university dorm.

That means keeping your sheets neat and possibly adding a couple of cushions on for good measure. If your bed doubles as seating, opting for a storage bed to hide pillows will do the trick.

#5 Make a Seating Area

Do you really want your guests sitting on your bed? Well, maybe?

Having a separate seating area will help keep your bedding clean, meaning fewer trips to the laundry mat.

Even if you only have a few square feet to spare, a designated seating area will make the space feel bigger with more purpose.

Try a love seat or an apartment-sized sofa. There are plenty of models that also fold out to a bed if you have guests.

#6 Reinvent a Closet

If you work from home, set up a separate office zone. Think about converting a closet.

Take shelves up to the ceiling, and add rolling carts under the desk if you can't give up all your storage.

#7 Opt for Multiple Levels

Beds in studio apartments can be tricky, but there are a few clever hacks that can quite literally elevate your space.

A platform bedroom in this split-level studio not only separates the living room from the sleeping area but also provides much-needed storage.

This isn't possible in all studios—but if you have the ceiling height, it's an incredibly functional layout for maximizing small spaces.

Divide a studio with a loft bed

If you don't mind climbing up every evening and if you're not afraid of falling out of bed then you can choose a loft bed to create a separate sleeping area in your studio apartment.

It saves a ton of room plus your bedroom area is pretty much out of sight.

studio apartment

#8 Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

You can save space in a studio apartment by utilizing all-in-one furniture pieces.

Container beds are a great example! These beds minimize the amount of furniture in your studio apartment layout, which reduces clutter, and they come with closet space, storage drawers, or under-bed storage.

When it comes to picking out multi-purpose furniture, take your time to consider just how many functions it can serve.

Consider a coffee table which along with plenty of surface space, creates room for storage bins that can hold shoes, jackets, hats, and bags.

A simple cube ottoman can be rearranged around the room as a footrest for the sofa or seating for guests.

#9 Hanging plants

How often do you look up at the ceiling when you're inside an apartment unless you're looking to buy the place?

To draw people's eyes up naturally, get your green thumb out and plant yourself up some hanging pots.

They can sit on high bookshelves or be hung from the rafters, and they're the most affordable way to gain height in your studio.

Plus they are great for your well-being.

#10 Use Mirrors to Open Up the Room

One of the easiest studio apartment design ideas is to include big mirrors!

Mirrors reflect light and make the open floor plan of a studio apartment feel twice as big. You can create a gallery wall of mirrors or add one large floor mirror for the same effect.

#11 Absorb Sound with a Colorful Tapestry

Apartment living can sometimes be loud.

Absorb sound while adding decoration to your studio apartment by hanging colourful tapestries on your walls. Thick carpets, rugs, and curtains can also muffle dogs barking, loud music, or noisy talkers.

Don't let the small space in your studio apartment prevent you from creating a space that is your own and reflects your character and style. 


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