5 Key Areas For Your Home Security

August 04, 2016

5 Key Areas For Your Home Security

No one likes to suffer from a home burglary.

That terrible feeling when someone has violated your home and your personal belongings.

There are 5 key areas that you can pay attention to that will help in keeping your home and your family and your valuables safe.

5 Key Areas for Home Security


  1. Outside

    • No tall or thick shrubs around windows and doors
    • Good exterior lighting. Combine this with motion sensors and timers for greater protection and awareness.
    • Cut boxes up when you buy new TVs, computers etc so that they are not noticeable for other people
    • Place a generic sticker of your home security system on your windows. A branded sticker may give a potential burglar helpful information on your home system.
    • Use smash proof glass in your windows.


  1. Inside

    • Set timers on lights
    • Don’t leave knives, baseball bats, cricket bats around that can used as a potential weapon by an intruder
    • Never leave your garage door open for long periods of time.

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  1. Secure

    • Double cylinder deadbolt with reinforcing plates
    • Open curtains enough to let light out or in but wide enough for someone to llok in.
    • Install a waterproof and fireproof safe
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  1. Holidays

    • Set timers on lights. Don’t forget to set at different times to indicate that someone maybe up and walking around
    • Have neighbour empty your letterbox and bring your rubbish in and out
    • Turn off water to washing machine and dishwasher.
    • If you have pets plan to put them in a kennel at least a week before you leave.
    • Unplug electrical appliances such as toasters etc
    • Get rid of food that may spoil while you are away. You don’t want to come back to a house full of bugs.

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  1. Mobile and Apps

    • Install a variety of apps on your phone that can help you monitor your home whilst you are away.

Handy tips to help you make your home more secure. To learn more check out the additional articles that provide you sound sdvice from Security experts. After all your home is your castle and it and your family is worth protecting. 


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