How 3 simple questions will help you select your oven?

November 25, 2013

There are 3 simple questions you should ask yourself when selecting your oven, once you work these out then everything will flow easily for you.

  1. How easy it is to clean:

Let’s face it no matter what anyone says you do have to clean your oven. When you cook in an oven there is fat, grease, steam in play. They have to go somewhere and generally it is the wall or floor of an oven.


Even with Pyrolytic ovens (which incinerate the greases and fats) you still have to wipe the oven out with a cloth. The old way was the standard enamel and then you have to use harsh chemicals to clean the oven.


The alternative to both pyrolytic and standard enamel is the revolutionary aqua enamel. This enamel is where you just use water which is converted to steam by heating the oven and this process softens and loosens the grease and fat from the oven wall so that they can be easily wiped clean using a damp cloth. This type of enamel is standard on all Gorenje ovens.


The aqua enamel will take approx. 30 – 40 minutes for you to clean your oven the other 2 alternatives will be much longer than this.


  1. Shelves

Telescopic shelving is fantastic. This form of shelving allows you to pull your dish out of the oven so that you can check your dishes. The telescopic shelves can take more weight than the standard shelves plus they allow you to easily pull them out and to push them back in.


The telescopic shelves will allow you to have 2 free hands so that you can check your cooking whereas other shelves may require you to use one hand to balance the cooking. You will also discover that you don’t have to place the cooking on the oven door to balance it (which you really shouldn’t do as it can lead to breaking glass) as you can easily lift the pot off the telescopic shelves with 2 hands.


  1. Internal Size

I ask you what is more important the width of the oven or the height?


When you cook is your turkey or roast high or wide. In most instances it would be high. A number of people want a wide oven because they do a lot of cooking for a large family and as such they think they need a wide oven. In reality all they probably need is an oven that can take a higher dish.


Even if you are cooking a lasagne or slice or cake then a 60cm oven allows you to use a number of different levels if you have a number of dishes to cook.


This way you are not giving up cupboard space to accommodate a larger oven that won’t be utilised as much as the extra space for storage would be.


Once you are clear in your own mind about these 3 things you can more easily select your oven by looking at functions and style and the impact you want to create in your kitchen.


Let me know your thoughts.


Talk soon….

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