The Wonderful World of Loft Living

September 27, 2016

The Wonderful World of Loft Living

When you think about lofts you think about spacious, stylish living spaces close to the centre of large cities.

A great way to live in a busy city but a great way to escape from the dramas of the city into your gorgeous living area.

The wonderful world of loft living

Lofts give you the ability to have an escape but also the ability to have plenty of friends and family over for entertaining.

The more and more we see lofts the more we are excited about them and how they can be a great way and place to live.

Here are some examples of beautiful lofts from around the world. They will give you plenty of inspiration and excitement for loft living. 

Industrial Loft in Kiev artfully blends drama and light by One Kindesign

The Wonderful world of loft living

An industrial style loft complete with a stunning green wall in the dining room has been designed by architects Igor Martin and Olga Novikova of MARTIN Architects, located in Kiev, Ukraine. The apartment is ideally located in the heart of the city centre in a brand new building. This home was designed for a young and energetic lawyer who is a bachelor that enjoys weekend entertainment with friends. The loft contains rooms that seem to flow from one into another, encompassing 1,237 square feet (115 square meters) in living space. Learn more...

Love the spacious feel of this loft and the amazing colours. The lighting and green wall adds a certain character to the loft. 


2 Chic and Cozy Cosmopolitan Lofts by Home Designing

The wonderful world of loft living

Imagine this: you live in a spacious loft atop a metropolis. You're living space is as eclectic as the people who walk your city's streets, and the ceilings are as tall as the hopes and aspirations of all who flock there. Your loft is warm and inviting, yet cool and refined. It's chic, and it's intelligent, but it's also warm and familiar. These very spaces, in both New York City and Germany, reflect that sentiment -- although they're worlds apart.

Learn more...

The sense of space is wonderful with these lofts. You certainly don't feel enclosed with your surroundings.


4 Lofts That Whisk You Away to a Fabulous Life by Home Designing

The wonderful world of loft living

Lofts are known for their tall ceilings, wide open spaces, and industrial details. But loft designs vary from the ultra modern to the eclectic, and the people who live in them transform these similar architectural spaces into designs that reflect their lives. So take a tour through these 4 lofts and get a peek inside the chic and sophisticated loft-lives of everyone from world travellers to ballerinas. It'll inspire you and leave you dreaming. Learn more...

A wide diversity of styles, design and taste in these lofts. From the heavy set leather couch in one loft to the spacious loft for a ballerina to be able to practice.


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