Midea Pyrolytic 60cm Stainless Steel Oven - Elfa BLPY603


Pyrolytic Self Clean Oven

65 Litre oven volume

10 Functions

  • 10 Function Programmable Oven
  • Pyrolytic Self Clean Oven
  • Large oven capacity: 65L
  • Modern European black glass design
  • Digital control with LED display
  • Push - pull knobs
  • Telescopic rail
  • 4 layer oven door
  • 2-year warranty

A spacious fan-forced oven with a 65-litre capacity allows you to handle any family meal. Your digital timer means you to easily set your cooking times for starting and stopping plus you can just use it as your kitchen clock.

Self clean pyrolytic oven. Food residue and grease converts into ash which can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth 

Open your world to Master cooking. The 10 functions of the oven allow you to use specialised cooking functions for your pizza, roasts and home-made desserts.

You will enjoy the safety of the telescopic runners. No more will you have to balance your cooking with one hand whilst you are trying to turn your roasting vegetables. The telescopic runners will support your cooking leaving both your hands-free to attend to your cooking dishes.

Covered by a 2-year warranty.

Welcome to the Midea Collection. You're joining a special group of people in over 200 countries worldwide who enjoy cooking with the Midea collection.

Your new fan-forced oven is designed to make cooking, cleaning and working the oven simple and easy. After all, it is the lovely food that you are wanting to enjoy without being tied to the kitchen.


Fan-forced cooking is a faster way to cook. The heat in the oven is evenly distributed around your dishes with a fan located at the rear of the oven. Your dish will be cooked all round not just from the top or bottom as the heat is circulated evenly. Resulting in less time cooking and more time to enjoy your favourite meals. To learn more about fan-forced cooking simply watch the video at the bottom of this page.

You have 5 levels of shelving with 2 trays. You can cook a variety of dishes at once in the oven. You can even place them at different times in the oven and have them all finish at the same time so that they are all served together for your meal.

An additional baking tray is included for you which can be used to grill favourite fish or meat or for those grilled sandwiches. Plus it is great for heating the party pies or sausage rolls to keep the hungry children at bay before dinner time.

You control the temperature of your cooking with one knob. You can vary the cooking temperature from between 50 degrees and 250 degrees. Manage all your cooking from simply defrosting to a roast dinner with this range of temperatures.

The oven gives you closed door grilling so that you can prepare your favourite meat or fish or even the family favourite grilled cheese sandwiches.



You can set your oven to start and stop when you use the programmable timer or even just set the timer for a certain amount of minutes.

No need to keep looking at the oven to see what time has elapsed because a bell will ring when the timer has finished.

The timer also serves as a clock and is easily operated with the push buttons.

The oven has a safety feature with a cooling fan located at the rear of the top of the oven. This fan is used to cool the cupboard that the oven is in. This fan takes cool air from below the oven and circulates it across the top of the oven, keeping the outside of the oven cool. The air is passed out the front of the oven. This fan will operate shortly after the oven is started and will run until the oven has cooled after cooking. Even after you finish cooking this fan will continue to run to cool the cupboards. It operates on a separate thermostat from the rest of the oven.




2 - 6 Business Days


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