Midea 90cm Flat Glass Canopy Hood - E4819


The style of rangehood that you select will depend on the style and layout of your kitchen. Your selection will depend on whether you like the style of a nice canopy or if you required extra cupboard space so then a slide-out or concealed hood maybe your preference.

This hood is a canopy.


Your rangehood is designed to remove the steam and odours from your cooking by gently sucking them up and moving them to another location. The fan inside the hood acts similar to the fan in your bathroom by taking away the old air and having it replaced with clean fresh air.

The hood gently brings in clean fresh air across your cooking whilst drawing away the steam and odours. It gently removes these so that you can still enjoy the delicate aroma of your cooking.

By removing the steam you can easily check you cooking to see how your dishes are progressing without being covered with steam.

We recommend getting the most out of your hood that you start it prior to beginning your cooking or as you start on the low speed. Then as your cooking progresses then you can increase the speed if required. This will give you a gentle and clean stream of air circulating over your cooking.

This hood has a maximum airflow of 880 m3/hr. An airflow of 880 m3/hr will give you sufficient airflow for a kitchen up to 6.5 x 4 x 3 m and to handle cooking for a large family cooking multiple dishes

The lighting is important so that you can see how your dishes or sauces are progressing and directly highlight your cooking as. The light is directed straight to your cooking so that you can easily check how each dish is progressing. The halogen lights will especially provide a clean, crisp white light for you

The lights are located at the front so that you can easily check you cooking and dishes without having to lean all the way over your cooking. This is especially important with gas cooktops as they have a naked flame and if you have a loose piece of clothing then you will not run the risk of having the clothing exposed to the flame.

The switches are located at the front so that you can easily reach whilst you are cooking or near your cooktop.

Depending on your kitchen and style you can either duct out or recirculate. Ducting is the preferred option as this moves the steam and smells from your cooking outside keeping your kitchen smelling clean and beautiful. If you are ducting then it is recommended that charcoal filters are purchased to help with the removal of odours and steam of your foods.

The hood at its maximum speed will have a noise rating equivalent to a normal conversation. So you will still be able to keep up with the conversation happening in the kitchen whilst you are cooking.  


The filters can easily be cleaned either with hot soapy water or with your dishwasher. We recommend regular cleaning to ensure that the performance of your hood is kept at a premium.

The stainless steel hood can be easily maintained with a regular wipe down with windex to keep the stainless steel shiny and looking its best. Thus ensuring it is a premium fixture of your kitchen.

  • A beautifully designed 900mm Flat Glass Hood 
  • The control panel gives you a 3-speed control. This allows you to cater for a volume of cooking. 
  • The hood is fitted with a single mesh filter. We recommend that you wash the filter in warm soapy water approximately every 2 -3 months depending upon the amount of cooking you do. The filter can be washed in a dishwasher but the warm soapy water is the best way.
  • This hood can be ducted out or recirculated.
  • The hood has 2 halogen lights which provide a nice bright white light to highlight your cooking area.
  • The airflow is 600m3/hr
  • 3-year warranty




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