Midea 60cm Touch Control Ceramic Cooktop - CRSL606

Your ceramic cooktop gives you flexible cooking options with a combination of 4 burners. Easily see which burner is being used and hot with the hot hob indicator light.

The tempered glass gives you a smooth surface that is easy to maintain.

Extra protection is provided for your family with the child lock feature. Set your cooking temperature by gently pressing the touch button controls.

Your ceramic cooktop is made from a special Schott Ceran patented glass-ceramic that combines the beauty of glass with enormous heat resistance and stability.

All products come with a 3-year warranty.

Welcome to the Midea Collection. You're joining a special group of people in over 200 countries worldwide who enjoy cooking with the Midea collection.



You have four cooking elements which range in size from 18.5 cm (2 of them),  22cm and 16cm. This will allow you to use all your saucepans.

You operate the cooking elements via touch control buttons


An easy and simple wipe each time you use it is all you need to do.

The cooktop will sit nice and flush with your benchtop and will be a nice touch to your kitchen by the way it looks and cooks.


The touch control panels are easy to operate just like your iPhone or other smartphones. Just place your finger on the + or - symbol to increase or decrease the heat as you require.

A timer is also a feature of this cooktop which is especially handy if you have to simmer a sauce or similar for a set period of time. You can set the timer, the sauce will simmer for the set time and then the cooktop will turn off. You can do something else and just check even now and again to give the sauce a quick stir. Wonderful.

You have a child's lock that is standard on this cooktop. This requires you to hold a select button down for five seconds before the cooktop can be turned on. This button is in addition to the on-off button


  • 4 Cooking elements
  • Touch control operation
  • Timer
  • Child lock
  • On/Off button
  • Dimensions 590mm x 520mm
  • Cut-out 560mm x 490mm


 Instruction Manual



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