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Hosting a Dinner Party plus 200 Recipes

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Guides and Checklists for You and Your Home


Six Critical Steps Before Selecting Your Appliances 

This guide gives you background on 6 critical areas you must consider before selecting your appliances and applainces don't feature in the 6. The important points have to do with you and your family. 

Simply Click on this link Six Critical Areas to download your free guide. 

Six Critical Steps to Planning Your Appliances

This guide gives you a step by step review of what you need to do when selecting your appliances. The selection of appliances is step 5 so imagine what the first 4 are. 

Simply Click on this link to access Six Critical Steps to download your free guide. 



Tips For Cleaning your Refrigerator

This guide gives you daily, weekly and seasonal tips to keep your fridge clean and fresh.

Simply click on this link: Fridge Cleaning Tips to download your free guide.


10 Tips for the Perfect Wash

Our guide gives you 10 tips to having the perfect wash (for your clothes not yourself)

Simply click on this link: The Perfect Wash to download your free guide:


Tips to Green Your Home

Our guide gives easy tips and ideas to green your home. 

Simply click this link: Green Your Home to download your free guide



Do's and Don'ts For Using Your Dishwasher 

Our guide gives you tips on the best ways to use your dishwasher.  

Simply click this link: Dishwasher  to download your free guide