Mosaic Coffee Beans

Mosaic Coffee Beans come with their unique signature: full bodied and full flavoured.

Price: $40.00/kg

Their approach is perfect for providing a discernible taste difference in the cup for the consumer, without the need to carry on about how great the coffee is.

Their roasting process is scientifically based. They focus on knowledge applied - more specifically scientific knowledge of roasting. 

They have world leading technology which measures everything that moves and leaves us with data which they match to a spectrophotometer which then compares to the taste of the end product.

Their expert production team are all world class coffee tasters able to identify any improvements required in the end product, and able to re-calibrate the roast profile to produce an optimum taste and body for that single origin coffee. 

Once they know that the roasted coffee has exceeded a minimum 70% rating (international standard) they have the ability to lock the roasting process onto automatic to REPRODUCE A PERFECT RESULT EVERY SINGLE TIME - for that coffee on that day.

Every day requires a new calibration to determine the optimum taste result. That's why they commissioned George Sabados, International Coffee Expert and master roaster, to create and roast the perfect blend for us.

They developed a coffee that directly conveyed all the mysterious methods and components that go into roasting a coffee bean with greatness. But most importantly, they brought to the front the ‘alchemy’ that comes from blending just the right amount of Arabica with the right amount of Robusta

It's the best!


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