7 Deadly Sins of a Bathroom Renovation

July 26, 2016

7 Deadly Sins of a Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom a little old?

No room to move in your bathroom?

Time to think about renovating your bathroom?

Some bathrooms have certainly seen their use by date many years ago. So all excited people head out to renovate their bathroom.

Unfortunately they make their new bathroom a greater eyesore then the old bathroom. In fact they turn their new bathroom into a disaster.

Here are 7 things you should not do from Big Bathroom Shop. They have been doing bathrooms for years and years and they have come seen many deadly sins.

These are the 7 deadly mistakes people make with their bathroom:


  1. Carpet

Have you ever seen a bathroom with carpet? I haven’t but the people at Big Bathroom Shop have.

Given all the moisture, heat and steam in a bathroom then all you are guaranteed to do is to turn your carpet into a lovely breeding ground for mould.

All this heat, steam and moisture will turn your lovely carpet into a damp, smelly and rotting mess.


  1. Coloured Suites

Do you really want a coloured suite in green, yellow or some off colour just because you thought it looked nice.

You may like it but no one else does.

This is particularly important when you plan to sell your home. You will detract from the value of your home with a coloured suite.

Really a nice white bathroom area is universally appealing.

If you want to add colour then there are a number of ways to add a touch of colour to your bathroom with lovely décor.


  1. Slave to Trends

Do you really want a fish tank in your bathroom?

Is the checkered floor something you look forward to seeing after a hard night?

Just keep your bathroom design simple, sleek and practical.

It is your bathroom and the priority is that everything works well not looks good or fashionable or trendy.

As we said earlier you can add some nice touches with coloured towels, soap, flowers to really give your bathroom a nice touch.


  1. Being Bob The Builder

Are you really a DIY expert?

How many bathrooms have you renovated?

Sure the reality TV shows try to show that there is nothing to renovating a bathroom and you can do it in a couple of weekends?

Just pop down to your local hardware store pick up a few things and away you go.

Do you really want upside down toilet seats, toilets too close to the doors, doors that can’t open, pipes running everywhere or worse a bathroom that doesn’t work and is out of action for a few weeks.


  1. Questionable Taste

We all have seen them, gold plated taps, fluffy toilet covers, mermaid designed taps.


The key to a bathroom is keeping it simple.


Your bathroom involves tiles, floors, baths, toilets which are extremely hard to replace if you grow tired of your artistic taste. Leave your artistic taste to your office, living room or bedroom where items are much easier replaced.


  1. Making it All About the Toliet

We realise the toilet is important but don’t make your bathroom all about the toilet.


Don’t make the toilet the first thing you see in the bathroom.


Don’t position the toilet so that someone can see it with the door ajar.


Try and create some privacy with the toilet towards the back of the bathroom and the vanity up the front.


The bathroom should be about privacy.


  1. Lack of Storage

You have you lovely designed bathroom but you can’t store anything.

Like your kitchen storage is important in the bathroom.


Open shelves, floating shelves. There are many different ways to creat storage in your bathroom.


So there you go the 7 Deadly Sins of a bathroom renovation.


You read the full article from The Big Bathroom Shop here.


If you are considering a bathroom renovation the check out or range of toilets, shower screens here.


Good luck with your bathroom renovation we hope it is successful and you don’t fall prey to the 7 Deadly Sins.

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