SIx Critical Steps When Planning Your Appliances

July 03, 2014

It amazes us every day when people decide to upgrade their kitchen and they give no thought to their applainces. Thye just rush out and buy whatever is on special, or the cheapest or the brand their family has used. They give no real consideration to themselves, their family or thier lifestyle.

It is funny though when you have someone over to your house they don't think or comment on your cabinetery or necessarily the brand of your appliances. They generally will enjoy your company, enjoy the meal you prepare and the conversation and fun they had in your home.

For us choosing your appliances goes deeper and further then just picking an oven.

It covers 6 critical areas which starts with your lifestyle and ends with the delivery of your appliances. To help you with your selection with have out together this infographic:



Talk soon......

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