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3 Critical questions before selecting a Kitchen Renovation Company

The time has come where you have elected to renovate your kitchen but before you commit to a Kitchen Renovation company there are 3 critical questions that need to be answered:

  1. Are they licensed and do they have insurance?

Reputable people and companies will have the correct licence and insurance and have no problem showing you.

Points to check:

  •  Sight the licence for yourself and that the name on the licence matches the name of the person doing the work.
  •  Is the licence still valid
  •   Is the licence correct for the work they are doing?
  • Do they have a Construction Industry OH&S card in addition to their insurance? They must have this card as well.

In regards to insurance you need to check:

  • See the insurance policy for yourself
  • Do they have Public Liability Insurance and Income Protection Insurance?


  1. See examples of their workmanship.

Ask the company or individual for references or for where you can go and see examples of their workmanship. It is important to check out the quality and finish of their work. After all if they stand by their work then they will have no problems in you checking out the quality of what they do.


  1. Quote & Contract.

The person or company must be willing to provide you with a written quote detailing everything that they will and will not do or include in the work and who is responsible for what.

A written quote is necessary.

The person or company must also be willing to sign a contract. For works over $1000 incl GST a minor works contract must be signed, for works over $5000 a major works contract must be signed as a requirement of the law.

If someone is not willing to sign these documents and provide them then maybe they have something to hide and you should carefully consider your final decision.

These 3 questions are critical for you to answer before you make the commitment to appointing a Kitchen company to renovate your kitchen.


Let us know your thoughts. Talk soon…………….


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