10 Expert Tips for Caring for your Leather Bags

September 07, 2016

10 Expert Tips for Caring for your Leather Bags

We all love our leather bags. They are just lovely.

They feel good, they look good and they are such a fashion necessity. 

However, leather bags can be tricky to look after especially in extreme weathers.

Women's Leather Bags

Every leather has a type and every type needs a different care.

If you buy the leather bag from a manufacturer, then it would be wise to follow the instructions given by him for only enhancing the leather quality and appearance.

There are a few everyday tips you can follow in order to make your bag look even more beautiful and stylish.

  1. Protect your bag. Keep the process as natural as possible, so avoid topcoats on your leather bags so they will develop a natural patina the more they’re carried. Guard against accidental stains with a leather protectant. 

2. If you spill water on your bag or it gets wet in the rain, dry it slowly. Room temperature with gentle air works better than direct heater time with hair-dryer, as that can dry out and crinkle the leather by changing its chemical structure. And make sure while drying to keep it in the shape you want it in.

3. If leather gets too dry, rub something moist onto it. Pick a leather dressing or cream, preferably recommended by the maker. Leathers can have paints, waxes, oils and all sorts of things applied to their surface, so you probably want to pick something you are familiar with.

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4. Do not use soap if the leather gets dirty. Soaps are harsh and can affect the chemical structure of the skin. Just use a damp cloth.

5. Don’t overfill your leather bag as it can lose its shape! Leather easily stretches out, but not back: Once de-shaped, it will never really return to its former taut self. If you stretch a leather bag when wet or very humid, it will move even faster. Just learn to carry the right amount, and this takes care of itself.

6. If packing your leather bag for a longer stretch of time, make sure it can breathe Think of leather as having the life frozen rather than completely killed. What you’re really trying to stop is any mildew growth, so keep some ventilation going

7. Give it a good cleaning once a year. It’s not just good wardrobe hygiene—taking your bag to a leather specialist once a year prolongs the bag’s life, cleaning away buildup and germs so the leather’s natural character continues to show through. Most cobblers will care for bags too.

Women's Leather Bag

8. Soften the leather by hand. Your bag becomes buttery-soft on their own, but you can speed up the process. Lay the bag on a flat surface and, starting from the bottom, roll it up. Reroll starting from a different side of the tote. Then turn it inside out and roll it again.

9. Resist the urge to treat stains. If you carry your favorite bag like we carry ours—that is, all the time and everywhere—accidents happen, from grass and grease to ink and wine. Thankfully, a leather specialist knows just how to remove stains without ruining the leather, or the patina it’s developing.

10. Let it age gracefully. We believe bags should be timeless, so we choose leathers that break in beautifully over time. Scratches, creases,and darkening are to be expected. How you carry your bag is how it’ll age, making every bag especially personal.
Men's Leather Travel bag
Your leather bag is special so care for it and it will support you for many years.
You can shop our range of Women's Leather Bags and Men's Travel/Business bags here. 

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