3 Rules for your Kitchen Lighting

August 19, 2014

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen, or having your home built from the ground up, it's essential to arrange all elements to make the kitchen functional and attractive. Following some basic kitchen lighting rules will make this space in the home especially inviting.

Task Lighting

There are some places in the kitchen where lights should be installed in order for cooks to work safely.

task lighting

It's best not to use extremely bright lights, as they could be blinding and defeat the purpose of their function.

Install task lighting in the stove area; place a light directly above the stove so that the cook can clearly see all food that is being prepared on the stove top.

Most ovens come with lighting from the manufacturer.

Install a light directly above the kitchen island so that the cook can accurately see how to chop and prepare food before placing it in the stove or oven.

The kitchen island light should be bright enough to be used alone when the main kitchen light is not on.

Accent Lighting

Install low voltage kitchen accent lighting to add depth and appeal to the space.

accent lighting

Accent lighting can be used in the crevices of cabinets and counter tops in order to showcase certain appliances. If there is a cabinet in the kitchen that showcases fine china or other unique dinnerware, install accent lighting around the shelves in the cabinet to bring attention to these pieces.

Lights that accent a kitchen space are especially ideal for small kitchen, as the lights can add depth to the space and make it appear larger.

All wires should be hidden and properly contained for accent lighting. This not only improves the look of the lighting, but prevents overheating and electrical shortages.

Ambience Lighting

Use lighting to produce the appropriate ambiance for the space.

ambience lighting

Ambient lighting softens the shadows in the kitchen, and can create a warmth in the kitchen dining space that is similar to candlelight.

Add soft lighting along the floor panels of the kitchen to open the room up while conveying an inviting and intimate feel.

Install the lights so they are safe for children; glass casings or lights that are installed high on the wall are usually best for families with babies and toddlers.

There we go three rules you can follow for bringing the best out of the lighting for your kitchen


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