7 Ways To Add Colour To Your Kitchen

July 28, 2014

I love colour don't you? And I particularly love colour in a home especially the kitchen.

I mean when you look around at this great world there is colour everywhere. From the brillant blue sky or yellow sun, to the green trees to the beautiful reds and yellows during autumn BUT when it comes to our homes we are frightened of colour.

Now don't get me wrong I love White, (especially the white Ora-ito) but there are times when a nice zing of colour, splash of red, hint of blue and touch of green can go along way to lifting your kitchen.


Stainless steel appliances have been the main stay for a number of years. In Australia I think is because the major retailers don't want to offer any alternatives becasue of a number of issues. Hopefully this will change in the future otherwise Australia will be left so far behind.

Now you may be wondering how can I add colour to my home:

1. Splashback or backsplash

Here you can add that special colour especialy with a glass splashback. The only limitation here is your imagination and desire, a nice red or mocha can really be nice. (We have used both in our showroom).

Pink Splashback

2. Tiles

Why not consider a special colour with your tiles on your floor. There are so many choices avialable for you today that it is amazing.

laminate flooring

3. Walls

Have you ever thought of just making a wall yellow or blue or something different in your kitchen. Different colours have a different effect on you ie stimulation for eating etc. A different view on colour may help with the family enjoying your meal time together.

4. Island &/or Counter Stools

Why not consider a kitchen island (gives you extra space and all) as adding colour to your kitchen and the stools. You can find some good value in stools today so a dash of red in your kitchen may be the touch you are looking for.

Interior of modern orange kitchen

5. Curtains

Now curtains can certainly be an area to add colour to your home. Plus you can change them often to macth the various seasons.


6. Light Fixtures

Consider adding colour with your light fixtures. Again the development in style and function with light fixtures means you have numerous options here.


7. Floor runner/Mats

Why not add a floor runner or mat for a touch of colour. Or at least a runner to your table. Be creful with mats in terms of where your traffic goes in your kitchen and what the head chef wants.

Well there you can see that your choices are endless.


Have a wonderful week.


Talk soon.

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