5 Tips for Designing your Living Room

September 22, 2014

The living room is the entertainment and social centre of your home. It is where you will enjoy a good movie with your partner, family and friends, chill out and listen to some music, relax with a nice drink or catch up with your favourite TV show and let the world pass you by.

living room design

There is a lot of activity and action wihtin your lounge room plus there could be a lot of noise and interruption.

It is important when thinking about designing your living room that you consider these 5 important areas.

1. What do you want to do in your living room:

  • Will you have comfortable seating so that everyone can relax and watch the TV
  • Will your TV be the centre of attention or will your lovely fireplace. Thus do you need 2 styles, one for winter and one for summer?
  • Your sound system - will it be surround sound and have speakers all over the place and what type of speakers. Think about how the cables will run adn where they will run.
  • Will guests sleep in the living room if they are staying over

2. Lighting:

  • Do you need acentral bright light for genreal activity
  • Some soft lighting for when you are relaxing and enjoying your movie.
  • Will your lighting be from the ceiling, on the walls or will you utilise freestanding lamps.
  • Don't forget what activity will occur in the lving room with children and guests. You don't want anyhting to be knocked over during a family occasion.

3. Colour Scheme

  • What colour scheme will you have for your walls, ceilings and furniture
  • Are soothing colours required for the room and will a dark living room be your desire.
  • A brightly coloured rug may add that special touch to your room.
  • Strategically placed ornaments and decorations, pillows can add that extra spice to your room.

4. Furniture

  • Is transformable furniture a solution for your living room. If space is an issue then maybe transformable furniture can be an answer. Fold up beds, tables may be a blessing in disguise.
  • Where will you place the sofa and coffee table to allow for easy traffic around the room but still being able to access your refreshments easily, especially if you are entertaining.
  • Consider wall mounted racks and open shelves so that you can display your special pieces.

5. Mirrors

  • Will provide a sense of space and openess in your room
  • Place opposite a window if possible so that you can catch the light that is entering the room and reflect it back to create a sense of space.
  • Maybe even consider a feature wall with mirrors.

living room design

As with every room there are some fundamentals that need to be considered so that you can get the best from every room. These are our top 5 for when you are considering the design of your living room.

If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Talk soon.....

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