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Is Your Kitchen Killing You, Time To Renovate

Have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen? Looking for some sound reasons on why you need to act today.

At different times we all have suffered from an upset tummy or something worse and blamed some of the food we have eaten or other things we have consumed. The truth of the matter is that sometimes the our kitchen is making us sick. There have been a number of studies by the Australian Food Microbiology into how we maintain our kitchens. Kitchen renovation ideas Some of their findings have concluded: 1 in 5 of kitchen sponges tested had levels of contamination equivalent to that of a used band-aid
Most Australians continue to wash their dishes by hand, regardless of whether or not they own a dishwasher, 1 in 3 only change their kitchen sponge very few weeks
Nearly 50% of households wait until their dish cloth gets really dirty and smelly before replacing it Over 80% of Australians use their dish cloth to quickly rinse a cup or eating utensils under running water without soap. At least 25% of households only clean their tea towel when it gets really dirty 1 in 4 use their tea towel to dry their hands and wipe down dirty bench tops More then 50% of kitchen sponges were highly contaminated with bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus Average tap hot water temperature is only 30 - 40 degrees which is not hot enough to kill bacteria as they can live in temperatures of 44 degrees.
In particular our kicthen is making us sick because of the following reasons:
Overcrowding - who hasn't had family and friends over for dinner and everyone sits and stands around the kicthen to chat Cross-contamination - germs can spread easily around the kitchen via our hands, chopping boards, cloths, knives and other utensils Inadequate hand washing Inadequate cooking (to many cooks spoil the broth) Incomplete washing This is why we always recommend to customers that visit our showroom to give themselves adequate bench space because that is the essential to a we'll run and organised kitchen. The other point is to have a bench top that is easy to maintain and clean. If the health of you, your family and friends is important you need to have a well designed and laid out kitchen. This is another reason why a custom made kitchen is the way to go because you take these factors into consideration when you design a clients kitchen. So if you were thinking of renovating your kitchen then now may be the right time to do it. Plus there has been such an advancement in the design and style of appliances then you do need to upgrade.  Have a great weekend. Talk soon.

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